How to Block Ads on Youtube? Best Ad Blockers for Android

Fed up with the unnecessary ads on YouTube? There are YouTube ad blocker android sites available for you to help you block the forced ads displayed while you are watching a video. It is not possible for Android devices to remove all the ads out there but you can block them from playing ads.

YouTube users have been complaining about these ads for a while. It generally asks for 5 seconds to skip the ad. But sometimes, there are some ads with no skip option. You will just have to wait for the ad to complete which are usually around 20 seconds – 1 minute long. This is becoming really annoying for YouTube lovers.

YouTube Ad Blocker Android

If you want to know how to block YouTube ads for Android, read this article till the last. With this you will definitely get a idea on youtube adblockers.

YouTube Ad Blocker Android

Generally, ad blockers are software programs/ applications that prevent advertisements to be shown on your websites. They are freely available for browsers like Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer Web and Firefox. These ad blockers are usually 3rd party sites that allow you to block the ads and feel great experience using YouTube.

We are providing you some of the best YouTube ad blocker android here. You can take help from these apps to go ad-free.


YouTube Ad Blocker Android 2021

“AdBlock” has been ranked as the number 1 ad blocker for android with 200 million downloads. It blocks all the advertisements on apps like YouTube, Facebook and others. You will only have to link it to your chrome and all the work will be done automatically by the AdBlock. You will have to click on “Add to Chrome” on the app and you can visit any website on Chrome without worrying about ads.

Free Adblocker Browser

“Free Adblocker Browser” is designed and developed by Rocketshield Inc. It is a free to download browser which blocks pop-up ads, video ads, text ads and banners. It is available for all Android devices and browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, iOS and Safari. You can surely trust this browser to go ad-free.

android youtube ad blocker

You can run apps like YouTube and Facebook in this browser to get rid of annoying ads. This browser saves your battery life and also lowers the loading time just like AdBlock and AdClear. It also protects your device from unknown malware and viruses.

YouTube Vanced for Blocking Ads

best youtube ad blocker for android

“YouTube Vanced Premium” is a trusted  YouTube ad blocker app that gives a better experience than the original YouTube. The  YouTube Vanced Premium App has all the features same as YouTube Premium. It provides the same YouTube environment for the users to feel like they are using YouTube. The best option that this app provides is you can download videos and audios with different HP resolutions directly into your device storage. This makes this app more fun than the original one. If you are worried about your personal data, you can directly login using your Google account and sync the data to it.


youtube ad blocker for android

“DNS66” is another ad blocker software for android. It creates an encrypted server which can filter all the advertisements like text ads, video ads, banners etc. This app filters all the ads before reaching you and block them resulting in a no-ad experience for you. This app can also be used for other apps and browsers and not only for YouTube. It can also save the battery of the device and protects your device from threats.

It is completely free to download app. Here are the steps to download the app.

  • Go to Play Store.
  • Search for DNS66 download the app.
  • Next Install the app after downloading.
  • Now open the app and click on “Domain Filters”.
  • Then select “Adaway Host Files” under Domain Filters.
  • Finally, tap on power icon on the home screen of the DNS66 app.
  • The DNS66 ad blocker will be activated and is ready to use.


YouTube Ad Blocker for Android

The “TubeMate” is a very useful Youtube video downloading app. It is not exactly the same as the YouTube app. It has some slight differences in its user interface and designs. The useful part of this app is it helps you get rid of the ads on YouTube. If you want to download a video from YouTube, all you have to do is to copy the link of the video from YouTube and paste it on TubeMate. You can also find videos from other apps like Instagram and DailyMotion on this app. It makes the video downloading process really easy for you.


OGYouTube is another  YouTube mod app to block ads for you. It works same as the YouTube Vanced app. To provide you comfortable environment when using the app, the app is created with same UI and designs as the original YouTube. You can also sync your data on your Google account for safety issues.

best youtube ad blocker for android 2021

OGYouTube blocks all the annoying ads from reaching you and allows you to download videos with different resolutions. It provides a selection of Background Playing and Dark Themes. This is a very useful multi-tasking app which can work with non-rooted devices.

Best YouTube Ad Blocker Android

YouTube Ad Blocker Android

AdClear is the best YouTube ad blocker android and it is the first blocking application to block encrypted ads on Android devices. AdClear is a software program that was developed by XDA Developers. It works on non-root mechanism for your android device. This software is the most popular one and can be trusted. It filters out all the advertisements before they can reach your website or browser and prevents them from showing. This ad blocker can also block encrypted ads, clickbait ads and intrusive ads.

AdClear not only blocks the useless ads but also saves your battery usage, reduce the loading time and keeps your device safe from malware such as infected ads. It is totally free to use this app on any Android device.

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We have listed the best YouTube ad blocker android in this article to help you get rid of nuisance created by ads. If you have any suggestions on ad blockers, please feel free to comment on our website Kinetic HiFi. We Hope this article was helpful.

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