www.crackle.com Activate | How to Activate Sony Crackle on Device?

Activating Crackle on other streaming services is a piece of cake. You can use www.crackle.com activate website for accessing this app on other streaming providers. Crackle is a free to use media streaming service with regular updates available.

Crackle lets you watch so many videos which includes movies, TV series and also originals without costing a single penny. This app doesn’t ask for any paid subscription to allow its users to see videos you should buy on www.crackle.com Activate and get the subscription.

www.crackle.com Activate

If you want to know how to activate Crackle on various sites, then we will show you detailed steps in this article on www.crackle.com Activate. You can easily get access to watch videos from Crackle by activating your app.

www.crackle.com Activate

Crackle is an American over the top video streaming service with a large video library consisting of its own originals, videos from Sony Entertainment and also from other streaming providers. Crackle is available for 21 countries in three different languages. You can use this app on PC, mobile, tablet, gaming consoles and also on smart TV.


You can start using the app even without signing up for an account. But an account can get you more features and a number of options. If you want to know the procedure to sign up for a Crackle account, then here it is.

How To Sign up For Crackle

You can create an account on Crackle using your mobile, computer or a laptop. To sign up on Crackle, follow the steps below.

  • Launch your browser and go to crackle.com/activate page.
  • Select Register tab located below the Log in button.


  • Enter your details which are asked on the page.
  • Username and Password must be created by you.
  • Once done, proceed to sign up for an account.
  • To Log into your account, enter your username and password.

That’s it. Your Crackle account will be created on www.crackle.com Activate which can be used to watch your favorite shows and movies completely free of cost.

How To Get Activation Code for Crackle

In your web browser first go to the www.crackle.com/activate page. Now you can login with your credentials. In your page you can see the Xbox 360 console. Now go to it and enter the crackle activation code. Then select the activate option. Thats it.

Crackle.com/activate Availability

Here are the services which allow the Crackle activation on their platforms. You can subscribe to any of the following streaming services and install Crackle.

1. Apple TV

2. Samsung TV

3. Roku

4. SmartCast TV

5. Amazon Fire TV

6. Sony Blu-ray players

7. Xbox One

8. Xbox 360

9. PlayStation TV, PS3 and PS4

www.crackle.com/activate On Roku

Roku supports a large number of online streaming services including Crackle on its device.In order to activate Crackle on Roku, follow the simple steps given below and do www.crackle.com activate.

www.crackle.com/activate on you computer

  1. Using your Roku device, press on Home button.
  2. Go to the app store on your device and search Crackle.
  3. Install the app and then open it.
  4. An activation code will appear on your screen.
  5. Now, launch the browser and go to crackle.com/activate web page.
  6. Then, enter the code you got on your TV.
  7. Your Crackle app will be activated.

www.crackle.com/activate On Smart TV

To activate Crackle on your smart TV, you need to create an account first on www.crackle.com Activate from a computer or laptop. For more detailed steps, read below.


  1. Open your PC, laptop or mobile and launch the browser.
  2. Go to crackle.com website and sign up for an account.
  3. Now, visit crackle.com/activate webpage.
  4. Next, install Crackle on your Smart TV from any application store.
  5.  Then, go to your home page and open My Account.
  6. Find User Account tab and click on Activate.
  7. A few seconds later, you’ll get a unique code on the TV.
  8. Enter this code on the crackle.com/activate webpage.
  9. You’ll get a verification message on successful activation.

The process is a bit lengthy but not that difficult. You can use your mobile or PC for signing up for the account.

Crackle Activation Code Is Not Working

If you created an account but your display is not showing activation code or you got a code but it is showing invalid, then try the below methods to resolve the issue.

how to do www.crackle.com activate

For Roku or Smart TV

If your Smart TV or Roku is not displaying an activation code then follow the steps below.

  • Go to Menu bar on your device.
  • Select the option saying My Sony Crackle.
  • Now, click on Activation.
  • You’ll get an activation code.

For Apple TV

If you are having trouble with activation code on your Apple TV, then follow the steps below.

  • Open Settings on your Apple TV.
  • Next, select Audio/Video option.
  • Now, navigate to TV Resolution.
  • Finally, click on Auto.

This will most probably solve the problem and will display your activation code.

Change The HDMI Cable

There might be a chance that your current HDMI Cable has some issue which is causing the display to not show the activation code. First try to unplug the cable and let it rest for few minutes. Plug the cable back and see if the code will be displayed. If the issue still persists, just switch to a new cable.

Change The Dark Mode

If you have switched to a dark mode display recently, then this can cause the device to not show your code. As the background is dark your code will not appear clearly. Switch your display mode or increase the brightness of the screen.

Unlock Crackle

If you already got an activation code on the TV but having trouble when entering the code on the browser on www.crackle.com Activate. Such kind of issues occur sometimes when you enter the code but it shows that your code is invalid. To solve this issue, follow the below-given steps.

  • Launch Crackle and go to the Menu bar.
  • Now, select the My Sony Crackle option.
  • Next, choose the Start button.
  • An activation code will be displayed.
  • Enter this code on the crackle.com/activate page.
  • Check if this code works.

Even after all these methods, you are having trouble to activate your Crackle on www.crackle.com Activate then ask for support from the Crackle Helpline center. You can easily get their contact details from the internet.

Reactivate your device

If any of the above ones does not work for you then go with reactivating your device. In this you can simply forward the code to your device by Menu Bar> My Sony Crackle> Activation.

crackle com activate ps4

From www.crackle.com the activation code will appear. Once you get the code simply follow the steps and activate the crackle depending on the device which you are using.

Setup and Installation Help for Crackle

For Setup and Installation Help Call +1-866-987-2474 or visit www.crackle.com activate

The crackle.com mainly focuses on the shows and movies and it attracts the customers of all categories. If you get any errors with the crackle.com/activate then you can visit there main site and solve with the queries they have provided. If not they are providing the customer care number which is the tool free number to call the Crackle.

Frequently Asked Questions on Crackle

If you are a crackle user and I you have some queries on crackle then you can simply look at these and know more about the crackle.com/activate for new devices.

What can I watch on Crackle?

Crackle has a large collection of films and TV shows that are hard to find on other streaming platforms. Most of the content you find on Crackle is from Sony Pictures and its subsidiaries. You can watch action, romantic, comedy, horror, and other genres on this app.

Do you need to sign up on Crackle to use it?

Sign up is not necessary to stream on Crackle. However, you can manage your favorites, interests, add watch later videos, and much more by creating an account. You can visit the www.crackle.com Sign up page to create an account.

Can I use Crackle on my smart TV without activating it?

No, you can’t stream Crackle on your Smart TV unless you have not activated the services. You must activate Crackle on your TV in order to watch your favorites. For the activation process, visit the sonycrackle.com/activate page.

How to activate Crackle on Xbox 360?

Install Crackle on Xbox 360 and select the option for “Activate on another device”. An activation code will be displayed on the screen. Visit the http //www.crackle.com/activate Xbox 360 page and enter the code to activate Crackle.

Can I watch Crackle on Roku?

Crackle that is www.crackle.com activate is available on various streaming devices like Samsung TV, Roku, Fire TV Stick, Xbox One, PS4, and others. To watch Crackle on Roku, you must activate the Crackle services on the “crackle com activate roku” website.

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