WiFi Keeps Disconnecting Error | How to Fix Now?

WiFi Keeps Disconnecting: Well we all know how WiFi plays a prominent role in every individual’s life. Either it might be the professional or personal work, or it might be the office work or entertainment, studies, or any, needs a Wifi to learn things and make things work well. Technology has bought lots of things for us in many ways. In certain cases to make technology work well, we need an internet connection by means of WiFi.

Day by day it has been grown a lot and if you have been observed, hospitals, medical care centers, institutions, offices, and numerous areas, they provide and use WiFi. But unfortunately, these days, we are seeing the common problem which is none other than WiFi keeps disconnecting. Whenever a person faces this problem, the very first gets panic and will then try to fix it.

wifi keeps disconnecting

As for how every single problem has a perfect solution, even this issue has a solution in terms of various fixes. To make it fix in a better and quick way, we have come with various methods shared in detail just below. Let’s go through now and fix the problem encountered by the self without making any delay. So, are you ready to learn? If your answer is yes, here we go.

WiFi Keeps Disconnecting!! How to Fix Now?

Many people don’t know why they face this issue. To be honest, there is no specific reason too behind this cause. The issue might be due to the system, or router, or any. But yes can be fixed in very little time. Before starting these or trying the below fixes, you are suggested to try by connecting various devices with the respective WiFi connection. Even though if you face the same, then it’s time to implement the below methods now without making any kind of second thought.

  • Try Forget WiFi Network
  • Cross-Check the Router
  • Reset the router and Restart System
  • Perform Network Troubleshooter
  • Switch the Network Profile
  • Change WiFi AutoConfig service
  • Replace the hardware

Hence let’s try one by one so that any of the above fixes help us resolving the Wifi keeps disconnecting issue. Here we go.

Try Forget WiFi Network

Among the various fixes on WiFi Keeps Disconnecting, this is the initial and simple solution to solve the issue. Go through the below points which might help you to fix.

  • The very first, tap on the Wifi icon present in your device.
  • Select your connection. Tap on it.
  • And then tap forget the network.
  • Once done, try reconnecting to your connection by providing the Wifi password and check whether the signal is established or failed so.

Cross-Check the Router

If the above method doesn’t work and still facing an issue like WiFi Keeps Disconnecting and try to check the router. Because whenever your WiFi signal is low or very short, keeps disconnecting.

Reset the router and Restart System

wifi keeps disconnecting 2020

If at all the router’s signal is low and failed to establish a strong Wifi connection, you are requested to reset the router by switching it off and after a while switch it to on. Sometimes, resetting the router and restarting or rebooting the system excellently works.

Perform Network Troubleshooter

While if your device is oriented with Windows OS, you can try using the automated network troubleshooter which is present in your system. Hence if you like to try, go through the steps one by one shared below.

  • Go to the start button-> control panel-> Network and Internet.
  • Next to this, select the network and sharing center.
  • Now right click on troubleshoot and run it to fix the issue.

Switch the Network Profile

Try switching Network profile public to private if you are using the Windows 10 OS. Because most of the time, the Wifi starts disconnecting due to the over-usage or when it gets time out from the provided amount of time. Hence, to try this method, here are the simple steps.

how to fix wifi keeps disconnecting issue

  • The very first, click on the WiFi icon.
  • Choose the network name.
  • Select the option called properties.
  • At last, click on private. That’s all!! Very simple.

Change WiFi AutoConfig service

When you like to change the Wifi AutoConfig service, try to implement the below simple steps one by one now.

wifi keeps disconnecting how to fix

  • Tap Windows+R at a time on your keyboard which is none other than run command.
  • Or else go to start-> type there as run and press enter.
  • You will see a window where you are requested to provide services.msc and click ok.
  • In the general tab, move to the option startup type and select the option called automatic.
  • Press apply and then tap ok to exit the window.

Replace the Hardware

If you have done with all the above methods, and still failed to fix the issue, it’s time to replace the hardware.

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According to my views, the details or the fixes updated here is very clear. If you still have any doubts on WiFi Keeps Disconnecting, can ask us by mentioning in terms of comment just below. So that we might help you. Apart from this, if you like to learn more interesting and essential things, keep connected with kinetic Hifi anytime.

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