When Is Snapchat Shutting Down

Youngsters are very much worried about the news of Snapchat shutting down. If you also want to know when is Snapchat shutting down, read the full post.

Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging application founded by the company Snapchat Inc. It’s original developers are  Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. Snapchat is said to have 360 million active users as of 2020 and still counting making it the 12th most used social media app on the internet. 

when is snapchat shutting down

Why would one want to shut down this app when it is on its peak position. Let’s find out when is Snapchat shutting down actually in this article. 

When Is Snapchat Shutting Down

Snapchat is an amazing app specially designed keeping youngsters in mind. You can send text messages, pictures, videos to your friends. It allows real-time sharing images with filters to it. You can add many cute and pretty virtual features to images and videos. 

Snapchat won’t let you keep your images and videos for so long. Snaps are deleted once they are opened. You can share your memories with your friends as ‘Stories’ which will be shown for 24 hours. Teenagers and adults love this app the most.

An average of 4 billion snaps are shared everyday on Snapchat. With this amount of popularity and love, the news of Snapchat shutting down has raised sadness among the users. But are those news true or just rumors on When is Snapchat shutting down.

Is Snapchat Shutting Down

The news of Snapchat closing down was started somewhere in 2017 and many users want to know When is Snapchat shutting down. Some news channels spread the fake news and the detail of the article was that the CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel made an official announcement of removal of Snapchat by 14th November, 2017. The main reason for shutting down is the copyright issue with some other apps. Users can’t access the app after this date and all the saved data on the app will be deleted by the app.

This made Snapchat users feel very bad and some even started requesting the company to not shut down the app. The whole scene came back to normal when the company itself claimed that Snapchat is not going to stop and those are all fake reports.

when is snapchat shutting down on mobiles

But the rumors are still going on in 2020 that When is Snapchat shutting down. The reason for this news again spreading in users is some users got issues with their accounts recently. This made everyone believe that the app is really going to disappear from the web.

when is snapchat shutting down on mobiles


Regardless, these are all rumors. You don’t need to worry that your favorite app is going to shut down. Nothing is confirmed from the Snapchat company, these are all just fake news to destroy the app’s favoritism in public.

Other than to know When is Snapchat shutting down, If you are new to Snapchat and came here to know the details of the app, then we are giving the procedure to install Snapchat below.

How To Install Snapchat

Snapchat is an easy to download and use app available for all Android devices, iPhones of versions 10 or higher and computers with the help of an emulator. To download Snapchat, follow these steps:

For Android devices

  • Go to Google Play Store and search for Snapchat.
  • Tap on Install button.
  • Once the app is installed, Open it.
  • Create an account by providing name, username, password, phone number etc.

For iPhone

  • Go to App Store and search for Snapchat.
  • Tap on GET button then immediately tap on INSTALL.
  • Once the app is installed, open it.
  • Enter your Apple ID email-id and password to create an account.

For Windows Computer

You need an emulator to use Snapchat on PC. BlueStacks is the most trusted emulator which allows Android apps and games to run on Windows and Mac computers. To install Snapchat on PC, follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • Once installed, open the app.
  • Go to My Apps button and search for Snapchat.
  • Click on Install button.
  • Login to your Google account to download apps from Google Play on Bluestacks
  • After login, the installation process will start for Snapchat depending on your internet connection.

Is Snapchat in Redesigning

It is informed from several websites that Snapchat suffered great loss after it’s recent update.They are planning to redesign the app in next few months.  According to the popular news websitethe app is currently working on a new home for the Snap Map, as well as breaking news headlines that will reportedly pop up on a timely basis, in addition to their already-existing Discover Page.

The redesign will be the first in three years, and after the last update, the app lost over two percent of its users. The site claims Snapchat still isn’t getting any profit, and that it’s missing an entire market of older people. So, who knows? It might not continue running for much longer, depending on how well they continue to do.

is snapchat shutting down

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Snapchat is not going to shutdown. Not at least now. Those are clearly rumors and nothing is official from the Snapchat Inc company. But due to the recent redesigning news of the app, seems like Snapchat can’t last any longer.

You don’t need to panic that all your media will be lost with the app.Even if the creators want to close the app at some point, they will probably notify their users about the shut down.

We hope this article has answered your question ‘When is Snapchat shutting down?’. If you have any suggestions and queries, feel free to comment at Kinetic HiFi website.

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