Whatsapp Not Working or Down? Best Ways To Fix Whatsapp

Is your whatsapp not working. Aren’t you the user of WhatsApp? It is one of the most famous chat application accessed by tons of users even today. One can make contact throughout the world using WhatsApp.

It is greatly supported by the iOS, Windows, and also Android operating system. Most of the time, no issues are raised while looking at this particular application. But if you face any kind of issue, how to solve such problems is going to be discussed here.

Whatsapp Not Working

Basically, we go with a few common issues encountered and claimed by few users till today. All these might help you in resolving the issue within a while. Keeping these aside if you are facing some other not provided here, mention in the followed comment box to help and guide you accordingly.

Whatsapp Not Working! Fix it Right Now

There is less probability of facing any particular issue related to Whatsapp. But if you get, how can you solve it? Here we go with all the fixes involved in it.

  • Unable to Install WhatsApp.
  • Getting a prompt called “WhatsApp Isn’t Responding!!!! Do you want to Close it?”
  • Update to the Latest Version
  • WhatsApp Not Sending Messages

Let us go through all the issues and possible solutions right here provided in an understandable format.

Unable to Install WhatsApp

Well, this is the most common issue faced by several individuals. There might be several reasons involved for getting this type of troubleshooting error. Here we go with few fixes to resolve the problem within a short time.

whatsapp is not working

WhatsApp Not Working on Wifi

Sometimes, even though the app is might not get installed due to the lack of Wifi connectivity. One has to make sure the device is successfully connected with it and has strong internet connectivity possessing high speed. If you face such issue, just simply restart the modem so that it gets connected and then can install and access the application without any fail. Below are some of the attempts to fix an issue.

whatsapp down

  • Turn Off and On the Wifi.
  • Enable and Disable the Aeroplane mode available in your mobile.
  • Use other Wifi Connection.
  • Restart the Wifi Router.

Verify Free Storage Space Availability on Your Mobile

Either you use iPhone or the android, getting this particular issue is very common. Whenever there is no much space on your mobile, it notifies or displays the message on the screen saying WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone or at Android depending on the device you use.

Therefore it is necessary to free up some space either in the internal memory of your mobile or at SD card with no second thought about uninstalling unused applications or deleting some files right away.  Doing so greatly help in resolving this particular issue in a very short time.

Getting a prompt called “WhatsApp Isn’t Responding!!!! Do you want to Close it?”

The reason behind the cause might on WhatsApp not working may be due to the insufficient storage, corrupted cache files, due to the hang of the mobile, these encounters at multiple times. Or else the application might get stuck or else due to the continuous message popups are taken place for a long time. I order to fix, below are the possible solutions.

WhatsApp Isn't Responding

Force Stop

In order to force stop one particular application, follow the path provided right here. Navigate to the Settings-> apps or choose application manager-> Pick the app available in the form of lists-> and then click on force stop. Once after a single tap, displays a confirmation prompt where you need to click on ok respectively. After a successful Force stop, launch the Whatsapp again to make use of it.

Reinstall the Application

Try out clearing cache files by navigating to the Settings-> app or an Application Manager-> Whatsapp-> under cache, click on clear accordingly. Even after doing so, get the same, then there is an issue that is unable to resolve. In that case, uninstall the app and again reinstall it for solving all such issues without any fail.

Update to the Latest Version of Whatsapp

Well, at times this might be caused due to some compatible issues. If in that case, how to fix it? The short and simple solution is to update to the latest version without going for a second thought. In order to do so, follow the below instructions provided in step by step.

whatsapp web not working

  • In the first step, navigate directly to the play store and search for the Whatsapp app.
  • Or else, click on the menu bar available in the store and then select the option called My Apps. So that there you can see the WhatsApp available in the form of lists.
  • Simply click o update all. Or when you go to the WhatsApp directly in the play store, where the user can notice an option called update.
  • This is when you use the older version and still not updated with the new one. Therefore, perform the updated accordingly for fixing any type of bugs in a single instance. That’s all!!!!

WhatsApp Not Sending Messages

This is when the user is failer to send or receive the Whatsapp messages. One can face this due to poor internet connectivity. But if you notice there is an internet availability with high speed, follow the below steps to fix right away.

  • Try to restart the mobile.
  • Check whether you have completed the initial SMS verification process involved in it.
  • Verify the number for which you are going to send a message is saved or not.

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Final Words

As per my point of view, the issues faced until today can be completely vanished out by implementing the solutions provided here on whatsapp not working. If you failed to fix or facing some other trouble with WhatsApp, do not worry. Just simply provide a comment followed by the rectangular section shown below. So that we help and guide you accordingly. If you like and share this article, can go with any of the social networking sites with no second thought. Thank you. Get in touch back with Kinetic Hifi to learn better tips and tutorials accordingly.

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