How To Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

If your Vizio TV won’t turn on even after several tries, then you can easily fix it at home with a little patience. It feels very annoying when you want to watch your favorite show or movie or just want to kill some time and your TV doesn’t turn on.

Vizio is a California based company which produces TVs and soundbars. It had released a large number of LCD, LED, SmartCast and Smart TVs. The recent release was an OLED TV in the year 2020. A slight problem arising with these TVs is they suddenly stop working.

vizio tv won't turn on

But you don’t have to worry if your Vizio TV won’t turn on or shows a black screen. We will explain a few helpful methods here which can make your TV start.

Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

You don’t need to panic if your TV is not turning on suddenly. There can be a lot of reasons as to why your TV is not turning on. Not every time you’ll need a repairer to fix your TV. By spending some interest and time on your device you can fix the issue by troubleshooting the cause.

vizio tv won't turn on issue

Why My Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

Below are the most common reasons which can affect the working of your Television.

Remote Not Working

There is a high possibility that the problem is with your remote and not with TV. Many times we forget to check if the issue lies with the display or else with the remote control. In such cases, just replace the old batteries of your remote with new ones. If the whole remote is having some problem, then switch to other remote control.

Weak Power Connection

Your TV might be having trouble to turn on due to power issues. If there is any voltage fluctuation or other issue from the current, this can cause the TV to don’t start. Be careful when you detect any power issues in your household as it may harm your device in case of overloading.

how to fix vizio tv won't turn onCable Issues

If you are having pets or kids at home, then there is a chance that the cable got displaced or damaged. Thoroughly check for the TV cables if there are any cuts or any cable got disconnected or loosened.

vizio tv won't turn on

Power Outlet Issues

Your Vizio TV not turning on has so much to do with the outlet you plug your TV in. Switch boards go bad as they get old. Try to plug your charger or some other cable in the socket and check if the board is working or not.

Panel Glitches

Whenever, your TV doesn’t turn you can’t clearly tell the difference if your TV didn’t start or it is just a blank screen. Try to see if your TV is working or not. To do so, using your remote press Menu button. If the Menu bar appears then it means your TV turned and the cause for the blank screen can be a panel or source issue.

Other Issues

If none of these issues seem to be present on your TV, then there can be an internal problem with the device or any manufacturing defect. You can’t do anything for such problems, just hire a technician and get your TV repaired.

How To Fix Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Issue

Once you know the reason behind the issue of TV not working, you can try to fix it. We will tell you best methods to fix the TV and make it turn on and function like before.

Press Power button

The most easiest and simplest method you can use to turn your TV on is to use the power button instead of your remote. Even though if it is not the remote’s fault, sometimes power issues can make trouble to start the TV.

how to fix my vizio tv

  • Once you turn on your TV, set your remote aside and find Power button.
  • You can find it on the bottom right or left of the TV.
  • Press the button and see if the TV starts.

Perform Power Cycle

Mostly all the power issues can be resolved by power cycling the device. To perform power cycle on your TV, follow the steps below.

  • Switch off your TV and unplug it from the power source.
  • Let it be unplugged for a few minutes.
  • Now, press the Power button on your TV for 10 seconds long.
  • Without leaving the button turn on your TV.
  • Check if the TV turns on or if the issue is still going on.

power cycling vizio tv

This method on Vizio TV won’t turn on has been recognized as the most effective one by many of the Vizio TV users. Most probably this method will resolve your TV issues.

Check The Cable

why my vizio tv won't turn on

You might think it as a lame reason, but nearly half of the times your TV won’t turn on due to cable problems. Make sure to check all the connected cables for any damage or loose connection. If you find something wrong with the cable, then fix it by repairing the cable with a tape or replace it with a new one in case of more serious damage.

Switch The Outlet

why does my vizio tv won't turn on

A bad source outlet can also cause your TV to not start ad it says as Vizio TV won’t turn on. First check if the switch board is having an issue by plugging a charger. If your phone is not charging, then it must be the outlet’s fault. Get the switch board fixed or just switch the outlet and connect your TV at another place.

Contact Vizio For Help

If none of the above methods help you to turn on the TV, then just ask the Vizio help center to fix the issue. They will surely send a Representative and get your TV issues fixed.

Vizio TV Blinking Logo Won’t Turn On

Most of the times TVs won’t turn on due to power issues. It starts for few seconds and the blinking logo of Vizio appears, and then goes black. Sometimes, even though the TV turn on but audio can’t be heard. All these are because of weak power connection.

Also, if you try to press the button on the TV, a blinking light appears but your TV doesn’t turn on. These all things are really frustrating when you want to see some shows on TV. It would be better if you fix your TV like Vizio TV won’t turn on as soon as possible.

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It’s not that hard to fix your TV if you invest some time on it. We hope this article has helped you to solve the issues with your Vizio TV. You can share with us if your TV started working with the help of these methods. For more related articles on Vizio TV won’t turn on, visit our website Kinetic HiFi.

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