Twitch Chat Logs: How to Check Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch chat logs are great tools to improvise your channel and keep it updated from time to time. You can know your viewer’s opinions, what content they feel interesting, what streams they find boring, and can know many other details of your channel by viewing the chat logs.

Twitch is an American video streaming service that provides a great variety of sports. The main highlight of this app is the live streaming facility it provides. Millions of game lovers gather to enjoy their favorite games in groups on this platform. Apart from only watching games, you can also create your own channel and stream videos for your followers.

Twitch Chat Logs

Channels are great source of earning money on Twitch. But, with all the benefits of Twitch Chat Logs, there are some threats to your account. If someone makes an inappropriate comment or sent a hate comment on your channel, then it can lead to harm your channel.

Therefore, checking your Twitch chat logs on a regular basis is very important. Here, we will tell you how to check chat logs. Twitch is a very interesting and one of the largest game streaming app.

Twitch Chat Logs

Creating a channel and streaming regularly is not enough to make your channel loved and get popularity on the app. Twitch chat is also vital for improving your channel. It helps you knowing the audience’s interest, review bans and suspensions, and easily maintain a record of violations of rules on your channel.

Chat logs Twitch

Below are the reasons why you must check chat logs Twitch regularly.

Why Check Twitch Chat Logs

Live chat is an important thing for increasing your account’s followers and make it known among public. Apart from reading the messages sent from your friend’s or followers, there are several other reasons why you should check your Twitch chat logs.

To Know Audience’s Reaction

As you already know, Twitch is home to a large number of variety shows and movies. It also includes Sports and video games for its players. Many users create their channels on this platform and serve amazing content to their viewers.

In case, if you are playing a game on the app and you want to know your audience’s reaction on your gameplay, then chat logs are very helpful. Or if you are doing some Vlogs or providing other entertainment on your channel, then there is no better option than knowing the opinions of your viewers.

Review Bans Or Suspensions

In case if any of your follower or viewer sent you messages or made comments on your account, but got banned or reported due to some misunderstanding, then you can help them. You need to check your chat logs and can verify if there really was something inappropriate and bad enough to ban his/her account.

Get New Memes

Every channel on Twitch is like a small Twitch of its own. You can know how your viewers or followers interact with each other on your chat logs. You can easily discover new memes, and other funny images and posts on your chat logs.

Search Usernames

If there was a user who got banned due to some inappropriate or abusive comment that he placed on your channel, then such kind of a person can make another account and can start leaving hate comments again. Checking your chat logs will let you know when the account was created, and what kinds of comments they post. You can compare the accounts and get a better idea about your hater accounts.

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs

Here is how you can check Twitch chat logs at your device easily. There are several methods out there to see your chat logs on Twitch. Know all the methods in detailed steps here.

With User Search Command

how to check twitch chat logs

When you are looking for a specific account or a certain comment, then this method is the easiest and fastest way. For doing this, go to your Channel’s chat box, and type the comment/username and proceed. You will get all the information related to that account such as:

  • The number of messages that user left on your channel.
  • On which date the user created the account.
  • How many times that user has timed out in your chat.
  • The number of times that user was banned on your channel.
  • The comments that the user left on your channel.
  • Comments made by your mods on that user’s comment.

Review VODs

The process to check your chat logs was not easy in the past. However, recently a VOD recording feature is provided on Twitch that is really useful for viewing your chat logs.

check twitch chat logs

Since, your whole stream will be recorded, you need to go through whole recording to find a specific user or comment. Having idea before hand about the time-mark will be helpful.

The only downside of this method is it only lets you see the history of past 2 weeks that too for identified users. Other users can only access their chat logs for only few days.

Use Chatty App

There are so many third party applications available for helping the streamers to review their chats. One such app is Chatty that is a great chat review tool and helps to view all your chat history that is present on your channel. May it be the streamer or any mod who made the messages, you can review all of them easily.

how to check chat logs twitch

One limitation with this app is if any of your mods deleted a message, then even being the streamer, you can’t access it. Also, old messages are deleted from time to time.

Third-Party Chatbots

third-party chatbots

Viewing your chat logs with Chatbots is the fastest and easiest method. Using a Chatbot, like Nightbot helps you to moderate and filter your chat logs. You can directly access the specific user you are looking for easily.

You need to enable the bot option in your chats so that it can help you to save the chats and you can review them later. The chats which are made throughout the stream are saved only when the bot is activated.

If you want to see the previous chats with bot, then it is impossible to do so. It can only show you current chat logs and not the older one’s.

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Twitch is a great app to access amazing video content and also to create your own channel. Reviewing your chat logs on Twitch is of great help. One should check one’s chat history to get a complete picture of audience feedback, mod bans or suspensions made from their channel, review inappropriate comments, and many more. Checking yourTwitch Chat Logs on a regular basis will help you to improve your channel and to make it suitable to viewer’s choices. For more related articles, visit our website Kinetic HiFi. We hope this article was helpful.

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