How to Activate Trakt TV By Entering Code

Want to know how to activate the Trakt TV streaming service on your device? Came to the right place. Know how to activate Trakt TV on the “” page.  If you want to activate Trakt TV on your device, then you must visit page on your computer and enter the code.

Trakt TV is one of the best free streaming services available with great features and performance. You can watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free on the Trakt TV application. However, the free version annoys you with some advertisements. If you want to go ad-less, then you can also upgrade to VIP for Trakt TV.

Trakt TV is platform friendly and also lets you connect with more than 100 streaming services like KODI, Netflix, VLC, Android, iOS, PLEX, etc. If you want to stream Trakt TV on any streaming platform, you must activate its services. Know how to activate Trakt TV in this post.

How To Activate Trakt TV On Trakt.TV/Activate

To activate your account on the “” link, you must register yourself for an account on Trakt TV. Therefore, first, sign up for an account on Trakt TV so that you can proceed to the activation process.

Sign Up On Trakt TV

To register for an account on Trakt TV, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Open your browser and go to the official Trakt TV website. Or copy this URL
  • Now, on the main page of the website,  select the “JOIN TRAKT FOR  FREE” button.

  • Enter your email, set a username, create and confirm your password. Then, click on “JOIN TRAKT”.

sign up on trakt tv

  • Next, enter your personal information such as DOB, Gender, Username, Location, etc, and click on the “Next Step” button.
  • Select your favorite streaming services from the page, and then click on “Next Step’.

  • Select your preferences for the genre and select the “Next Step” button.
  • Then, also choose your favorite movies, and TV shows, and click on “Next Step” again.
  • You can also share your activities on social media with your friends and choose whether you want to get a real-time notification.

register on

  • Then, click on the “Continue to Dashboard” button and it’s done.

trakt tv account

  • Your account is ready to use now. Activate your services on any platform to start streaming.

How To Activate Trakt TV On KODI

Now that you have an account on Trakt TV, you can activate it on other platforms as well. KODI add-ons like Exodus Redux, Exodus, Venom, Covenant support Trakt TV. You have to visit the “https //” page and complete the activation.  Follow the steps given below to activate Trakt TV on KODI.

  • Login to your KODI account and on the home screen, open the main menu, navigate to Add-ons, and then to “Video Add-ons”.

kodi video add ons for

  • Now, open “Exodus Redux” from the list of video add-ons.
  • On the Exodus Redux home page, scroll down and select the “Tools” option.

trakt tv activation

  • Then click the “SETTINGS: Accounts” option from here.

activate trakt tv on kodi

  • Now, in the Accounts section,  click on the “Authorization” option.

how to activate trakt tv on kodi

  • The activation link and activation code for Trakt TV will be displayed on your screen.
  • Now, on your computer or smartphone, visit
  • Enter the activation code from KODI in the box and click on “CONTINUE”.

exodus redux for

  • Then, allow the add-ons to your account and click “YES”.

trakt tv activated successfully

  • That’s it. You will receive a confirmation message on successful activation.

How To Activate Trakt TV On Amazon Firestick

If you are an Amazon Firestick user, then to activate Trakt TV on your respective device, follow the steps given below. Some of the Amazon Firestick APKs like Cinema HD, CyberFlix HD, BeeTV, Nova TV, and others support Trakt TV. So, if you want to activate Trakt TV on these apps, then you have to do the process for each one separately.

We will show you how to do the activation for Trakt TV on Cinema HD. Here also you will need to login into your Trakt TV account. So, if you don’t have one yet, register for an account and then proceed.

  • Go to your Firestick TV and launch the Cinema HD application.
  • On the home screen of Cinema HD, select the three horizontal lines present at the top-left corner of the screen.

how to activate trakt tv on firestick

  • From the given drop-down menu, open the “Settings” option. on firestick apk

  • Now, under settings, scroll down to find the Trakt TV section. Once you find it, click on the “Login to Trakt TV” option. link

  • You will receive an activation code on the screen. Note down the code correctly.
  • Next, open your computer or smartphone and visit
  • Enter the activation code in the box and select the “CONTINUE” button. firestick add ons

  • Then, allow the add-on to your account by clicking “YES”.

https //

  • That’s it. You will receive a confirmation message on successful activation.

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We hope you understood the activation process for Trakt TV on Firestick and KODI from this post. The process is quite simple and easy. You just have to find your service in the add-ons and get an activation code. Then enter this code on page to complete the procedure. For any further queries and doubts, you can ask us in the comments section below. Visit the Kinetic HiFi website for more related articles.

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