What Is Steamworks Common Redistributables

Steam platform users are confused about a new file update that installed on their devices with the file name “Steamworks Common Redistributables”. Many gamers have been asking about this file update whether it is a useful update, an error, or a bug?

This update that you have noticed on the Steam platform is installed from the developer team itself. Earlier, this file used to be running in the background, and no users were well informed about this file. However, the Steamworks Common Redistributatles file has now been showing itself on the screen.

steamworks common redistributables

Curious that the users are, you can find the questions everywhere related to Steamworks Common Redistributables error. It is not at all an error but a useful tool that optimizes your PC settings and helps in running the games smoothly.

What Is Steamworks Common Redistributables

Steamworks Common Redistributables is a set or collection of files that are available for the game developers on the Steam platform. Game developers can use this suite of tools to optimize the game settings for usage on Windows systems.

You might have noticed whenever you download a game or a heavy program on your PC, several supporting files of different formats are installed so that the particular installed file runs efficiently without any compatibility issues.

This is different when it comes to consoles. Gaming consoles are designed to support several games so there will be no such installation of heavily supported files that can be seen there. However, the game installs the execution files when you install the same game on a PC.

Common Redistributables Files

The collection that we are talking about here is a set of files that are installed to support a particular game to optimize its settings according to the system that you are using. The files that are embedded in the Steamworks Common Redistributables are:

  • Visual C++ (2010, 2013, 2015)
  • .NET Framework
  • DirectX 9
  • OpenAL
  • XNA
  • PhysX

Hence, whenever you download a new game through Steam, it used to install these files along with the game. If you are going to download 3 or 4 games, then with each game, DirectX will install all these files on your device. This will ultimately result in a pile of duplicate files on the PC.

what is steamworks common redistributables

To avoid such an issue, the developers have designed an optimization tool which is SCR. This tool lets its set of files be used by all the games that are accessed via Steam. All the games can use these tools in common without getting their own set of files. This way, a lot of time and device storage can be saved.

Should I Delete Steamworks Common Redistributables

No, don’t delete this suite of tools as it plays an important role in running Steam games on your Windows PC. Deleting the Steamworks Common Redistributables will only create problems. These files are very helpful and save a lot of time and also save your device storage as well. In case if you delete the Steamworks Common Redistributables update from your Steam, then it can also lead to game crashes.

With Steamworks Common Redistributables files on your device, the installation time decreases. When you download a game through Steam on your device, the game file will come in contact with the SCR files and only installs the necessary game files. The new game will make use of the already present files on your device without piling up a large number of .exe files on your device.

Therefore, it is better to keep this tool on your PC to have a smooth gaming experience on the Steam app. You don’t even have to worry about updating it. The Common Redistributables files automatically install the updates and also cover lesser storage space. So, there is actually no reason why you should get rid of this useful tool.

How To Hide Steamworks Common Redistributables File

Since you should not delete the Steamworks Common files, they will show up on your device every time. However, if you don’t want to encounter the Common Redistributables files, then there is also an option to hide them on Steam.

Follow the simple steps given below to hide the Steam Common Redistributables files. You can always unhide this file whenever you want by making your way to the Steam Library.

  • Launch Steam and then click on the “LIBRARY” tab.

steamworks common redistributables update

  • Now, find the “Steamworks Common Redistributables” file.
  • When you find this file, make a right-click on it.
  • Then, go to the “Manage” option.

steamworks common redistributables error

  • Finally, click on the “Hide this game” option.
  • That’s it.

Whenever you want to unhide this file, you can navigate to Library and find it in the “Hidden” section.

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We hope you got a clear idea about what is Steamworks Common Redistributables actually. This program is a suite of optimization tools that are helpful when you run a Steam platform game on a Windows PC. If you come across this file on your game, don’t worry, it is not an error code or malware. Don’t delete it as it will lead to crashes in your game. Also, we have shown how to hide this file in Steam. You can go through it to hide the file easily. Visit the Kinetic HiFi website for more related articles.

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