How To Fix SmartCast TV Not Available Error

SmartCast TV not available is a frequent issue users complain about. Are you having trouble when casting your TV with the SmartCast app.

The SmartCast app is used for connecting your TV to the apps on your mobile. Video streaming services available on your mobile or tablet can be watched on an external display device like TV. But, sometimes the app shows availability issues and doesn’t start.

smartcast tv not available

If you are looking for fixing SmartCast TV not available issues, then this article will help you to do so. We will explain several useful ways here which can be used to make your SmartCast TV work.

SmartCast TV Not Available

You can easily access all the movies and TV series for free with a SmartCast account. You can use the touchpad on your mobile to quickly play your favorite entertainment from featured content to the most popular apps right from your display.

The main difference between a smart TV and a SmartCast TV is the built-in Chromecast package in SmartCast TV. You need to download apps on your Smart TV where as your SmartCast TV doesn’t need to download any app. SmartCast app installed on your phone can be linked with the TV and your mobile itself acts as the device control.

Vizio SmartCast TV Not Available

There can be various reasons for your SmartCast Tv not working properly. You need to first troubleshoot the issue to fix. Check for all the possible reasons why your SmartCast TV is not available.

Vizio SmartCast TV Not Available

The main reasons for Vizio SmartCast Tv not working can be:

Poor Internet Connection

It is the most common cause for your app not working suddenly. Make sure to check your internet signal first before accessing the TV. If you are using a mobile data connection, then try refreshing your signal by turning on the Flight mode and disable it after few minutes or just switch to a Wi-fi connection.

Sometimes, there might arise confusion when your phone is able to get proper internet signal but the TV is not available. No need to worry, this is also because of weak connection. Just check your signal and try again.

SmartCast not available on App

Another main cause for your SmartCast TV not working can be the casting problem. When you want to cast any app on your TV, first check if your app supports casting. Usually a lot of apps are compatible for casting but there can be a few applications which doesn’t support casting TV. Make sure that the app is supported for SmartCast purpose.

Different Network Devices

For casting your TV, you’ll have to make sure that the device and your TV both are connected on a same internet network. If you are using mobile data for your phone and a Wi-fi connection for your TV, then your TV might stop working and availability issues occur.

Router Problems

In order to cast your TV, your router plays an important role. If there is any issue with your router signals, then there can be an issue while casting your display device.

How To Fix SmartCast TV Not Available

It becomes easy to fix the issue when you find the cause of it. When you know what’s the problem with your SmartCast TV, you can solve it with the given methods below. We are explaining some useful ways for fixing SmartCast TV.

Reestablish The Connection

When there is an issue with your internet connection, try to refresh your signals. You can know your device’s internet speed by taking a speed test. Reestablish your device signals by using flight mode for mobile phones and if you are using Wi-fi, then turn off the connection for few minutes and try again.

This method has worked for most of the SmartCast users and can also help you out.

Check for the App

If you don’t have a signal problem, instead you are having difficulty in casting your streaming app to the TV then verify if that service is supported for SmartCast TV. You can ask the internet directly if your app works for casting.

Switch Your Network 

If the above methods are not working, then there might be an issue with your local network. If you are using a Wi-fi signal, then switch to a mobile hotspot or any other router if possible. Make sure to connect both devices i.e, your mobile or tablet and TV on a same network.

how to fix smartcast tv not available

Now, start your TV and try to cast it and see if the issue is resolved.

Restart Your Router

vizio smartcast not working

The router can be the reason behind your SmartCast TV not available. Try to reboot your router by turning off for a few minutes and turn on again. Now, see if the TV is working.

Power Cycle

Temporary Configurations on your device can be stopping your TV to work properly. Performing a power cycle can resolve such issues on your TV. Follow the steps given below.

  • Turn off the TV, router and modem.
  • Next, keep all the devices unplugged for a few minutes.

smartcast tv not available at this time

  • Now, plug in your modem.
  • Once it is connected, turn on the router.
  • Then, turn on your TV and see if the issue persists.

Use Factory Reset

If the issue still persists, then try the factory reset option available on your TV. The device settings will reset when you perform this process. Therefore be careful not to operate it wrong as it might erase your data.

Follow these steps:

  • Using the TV remote, go to Menu.
  • Now, press on System option.
  • Next, click on Reset and Admin button.

fix smartcast tv not available

  • Then, locate Soft Power Cycle button and click on it.
  • When doing this, disable the router.
  • Now, turn on your router and see if your TV is working.

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Final Words

In order to fix the troubles with SmartCast TV not available, you can use the methods we have listed above. Most probably, you’ll find a solution for the issue. Tell us in the comments section if these methods fixed your issue. For more information, visit our website Kinetic HiFi. We hope this article was helpful.

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