Skyrim Together: How to Play Skyrim Together

Do you want to know how to install and play the Skyrim Together mod? Then you have come to the right place. Here is the complete information you need to know about the Skyrim Together download and install procedure.

Many games have introduced multiplayer options where a limited or particular number of users form up a team and battle arenas. But, this is not the case with the Bethesda games. You have only a single-player option and can’t join up with your friends.

skyrim together

That is why some of the game developers released a mod called Skyrim Together that lets you play multiplayer games on the Skyrim games. In this post, we will tell you how to install and how to play the Skyrim Together mod with your friends.

What Is Skyrim Together

Skyrim Together is a Multiplayer Mod that is used in” The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Special Edition” game. This mod is developed by a community of gamers, specifically Yamashi.  This mod allows you to use Skyrim and lets you join other players online to play multiplayer games.

This mod is created by making some changes in the code of the original game. There have been controversies about this mod once the developers started blaming the gamers who created this mod for stealing the code of the game.

skyrim together mod

Due to this reason, several official Skyrim servers don’t allow you to install and play the mod. However, you don’t need to worry about all that and can easily play the Skyrim Together multiplayer mod.

Most of the great mods are available for only PCs. The same case is with the Skyrim Together. The Skyrim multiplayer mod is only compatible with PCs. So if you were planning to have some fun playing Skyrim Together on your Xbox or PS4, then you don’t have a chance.

How To Install Skyrim Together

First of all, you must have the “The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Special Edition” game on your PC to use the Skyrim Together mod. The Skyrim Together mod can only be installed and applied to this game. So, make sure to install this game if you want to join a multiplayer online game on Skyrim Together.

Also, it is better to install a copy of this game rather than installing the original version. Since most of the original games don’t support or allow this mod, it is a safe choice to install the game from an unofficial website. Using a VPN is also best to avoid any issues. Follow the steps given below to install the mod.

  • Firstly, install “The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim Special Edition” on your PC.
  • Now, to install Skyrim Together, go to this website
  • Click on “Download” and complete the installation process accordingly.

how to install skyrim together

  • You must install the mod with the admin privileges.
  • Also, make sure that your PC has STEAM and Harbor-1.0.6.exe.
  • These two programs will make your mod function properly.

How To Play Skyrim Together

Once the installation is successfully completed, now you have to understand how to use the mod and how to play. The simple procedure is given below for you. Follow the steps given here.

  • Firstly, make sure the STEAM is working properly.
  • Now, open Harbor Launcher and launch the Skyrim game.
  • If your mod is applied to the game, the dual dragon logo or the ST signature will appear.

how to play skyrim together

  • Next, press the Right Control Panel key to open the ST Mode Interface.
  • Then invite your friends and other users to join the multiplayer game.
  • It is a must to have the mod for your friends to join the game.
  • That’s it.

Start playing the game with your friends and enjoy battling in a multiplayer mode.

Game Not Found: How To Fix it

If your mod not worked and you are getting a GAME NOT FOUND error, then there is a way to fix it. This error can occur during the installation or launching procedure. To fix it, do this:

  • Go to the search bar on your PC and search “Program Files”.
  • Open the Program Files and find the Steam folder.
  • Under Stream, go to Common, and select Skyrim Special Edition.
  • Open the Skryim Special Edition game from here.
  • The game will be launched without any error.
  • Now, follow the procedure given above to use the mod.

That’s it. It is just an installation or runtime error, so don’t worry and follow this method.

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That was all about the Skyrim multiplayer mod. You can’t use this mod out of the Skyrim Special Edition game. So, install the game followed with the mod, and perform the procedure given her to use the mod in your game. You will be enabled to play games with your friends in multiplayer mode. Many servers ban this mod so it is better to use a VPN to install the mod. Hope you liked this information. For more related articles and interesting guides, visit the Kinetic HiFi website.

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