What Is QtWebEngineProcess? How To Remove It

You might have noticed in your Windows Programs files, there will be a file named “QtWebEngineProcess”. Ever wondered what it might be? Several Windows users have confronted the QtWebEngineProcess.exe error on their systems and are confused about what is QtWebEngineProcess?

Nowadays, many third-party sites try to attack your PCs by installing unknown files that have some kind of malware or virus attached to them. In the same way, many users are having a hard time figuring out what this QtWebEngineProcess file can actually be.


Is this file a threat or a useful tool? If you are also not aware of this file and want to know more about it, then this post is written for you. Know what is QtWebEngineProcess EXE file in the post below.

What Is QtWebEngineProcess

QtWebEngineProcess.exe is an executable file that helps in running several Windows programs smoothly and without any runtime errors. In most cases, this executable file comes with Origin which is a program to download and update video games on Windows.

This file can be found in the Local Disk(C:) -> Programs Files. The actual size of this file is 22.024 KB. Usually, this file is used by Origin and other programs to carry out their tasks without any errors. QtWebEngineProcess is mostly used by the following programs.

  • Chromium-based Qt Web Engine
  • ¬†Dropbox Steam
  • Glyph
  • Origin
  • Ring Central

Is QtWebEngineProcess Safe

Yes, the QtWebEngineProcess file is completely safe and doesn’t involve any threats to the computer. The QtWebEngineProcess is a legitimate program meant to help Windows programs run smoothly. The original file of Qt QtWebEngineProcess is safe and does not impose malware on the system. But, you can’t be sure whether you have the original file or an infected one as many third-party developers trick the users and install the infected files.

How To Know If My QtWebEngineProcess.exe is Safe

There is one issue that has been noticed in a lot of PCs which is the high consumption of CPU space. This executable file is said to eat up more CPU space than it actually needs. This is why many users are confused about whether it contains any threat to the system. Hence, we suggest scanning this file on an antivirus platform to be sure if the one on your device is safe or not.

qt qtwebengineprocess

If you find this troublesome to do, then there is another simple method by which you can know if QtWebEngineProcess is a threat or not. As we have said earlier, this executable file is originally 22.024 KB in size. If you have an infected one on your PC, then the memory consumption will be more. You can check this by navigating to the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

Check if this QtWebEngineProcess executable file’s size is 22.024 KB or more. If you find that the size is relatively more, then this surely is an infected file.

what is qtwebengineprocess

Apart from these two methods, you can also check the spelling of this file. In the Task Manager, check the spelling of QtWebEngineProcess.exe. If you see that the spelling is totally in lowercase letters or any different from what we have mentioned here, then this must be an infected file. Get rid of it as soon as possible.

How To Remove QtWebEngineProcess.exe File

If there is no unusual activity or the name and size of the file are normal, then you don’t need to remove this file as this is a helpful tool. However, if you found out that this file is eating up a lot of space or is actually malware, then getting rid of it as soon as possible is better for your device. Here is how to remove the Qt Web Engine Process executable file from your Windows PC.

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open the Task Manager.
  • Now, find the QtWebEngineProcess.exe file from here.
  • Right-click on this file and select the “End task” option.

qtwebengineprocess exe

  • Now, switch to the “Processes” tab and right-click on the same file.
  • Select the option for “Open file location”.


  • You will be taken to the program that uses the QtWebEngineProcess file.

is qtwebengineprocess safe

  • Uninstall this program and restart your PC.

That’s it. You have successfully gotten rid of the malware attached executable file from your Windows PC. If you see that there is nothing wrong with the executable file on your PC, then you don’t need to delete it. Just let it be on your device as it is a helpful tool for running Origin on Windows.

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We have discussed the QtWebEngineProcess.exe executable file in this post. This file is actually meant to help for optimizing Windows functions related to some programs like Origin. However, you must check if the file that you have on your device is legitimate or an infected one. If you found that you have been using a malware attached file, then delete it. Share this information with your friends so that they can also be aware of it. For more related articles, visit the Kinetic HiFi website.

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