PS4 Won’t Turn On? PS4 Blue Light of Death {Fixed}

Do you have trouble accessing to your Play Station 4 console. A lot of gamers are complaining that their PS4 won’t turn on no matter how many times they try.

Play Station 4 is a video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. You can connect this video game controller to any display devices such as TV, computer and HomeTheater. These video game consoles are more efficient and customizable than regular PCs, which is why gaming lovers show more interest towards PS4.

PS4 Won't Turn On

But the problem with the PS4 is, it stops working suddenly and just doesn’t turn on. If you are looking for a way to fix your PS4, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you methods to make your PS4 function properly.

PS4 Won’t Turn On

Many users have this issue with PS4 that the device is unable to start. Some shows light but won’t turn on and some just doesn’t show any light and don’t even turn on.

Don’t worry if your Play Station 4 controller is not turning on. Some simple fixes can make it run normal like before. Knowing the reason behind the issue is important first.

Why Won’t My PS4 Turn On

There can be various reasons for your PS4 not working. You need to trouble shoot where the issue lies. Some basic causes which are letting your PS4 won’t turn on are:

  1. Weak Power Connection: Check if all the other appliances at your home are working properly. Sometimes, the power supply can create the problem.
  2. Damaged Cable: Thoroughly check the cable of PS4 if there is any cut or damage. If you have pets at home, then you probably know that cables and earphones are victims of animal cuts.
  3. Update Issues: There is a high chance that your device is not updated. If you play on your PS4 in an offline mode, then connect it to the Wi-Fi and update your device.
  4. Software Issues: If none of the above problems seem to appear on your PS4, then there may be a chance of the issue lying on the software side. However, it is rare for software issues to occur.

How To Fix PS4 Won’t Turn On Issue

Here are several methods you can try to fix the PS4 console. Most PS4 users claimed that these methods have worked for their devices.

You don’t need to do any major solutions to fix the issue. Just some general fixes can work if you are lucky. Below are the methods you can try at home.

Method 1: Power Cycle The Device

This method is said to be the most effective when your PS console have any issues. Press the Power button on your PS4 to turn off the device and disconnect the PS4 cable from the back. After a few minutes, try to turn of the PS4. Mostly the issue will be resolved and your device will start working.

ps4 controller won't turn on

Method 2: Reconnect The Cable

If the 1st method doesn’t seem to work, try this one.In most of the cases, the issue might be with your cable. You can simply  disconnect the cable from the console for a few minutes and reconnect it back after sometime. Try to start your PS4 and check if it turns on.

Reconnecting the power cable has worked for many PS4 users. We hope this method works for your console and you don’t need to go for another method .

However, if this method too didn’t work out, here is another method for you.

Method 3: Check Your PS4 Cable

my ps4 won't turn on

You need to check for the well-being of your cable for your console to run properly. In order to check the cable, first unplug the devices from the switch board to avoid any electrical shock. Now, disconnect the PS4 cable from the display device and thoroughly check your cable if there is any damage to the cable or any other part. If there is a damage, then try to change your cable and the issue will be resolved.

Method 4: Clean The Console 

There might be a chance that dust particles have entered in the hardware of your PS4. This dirt can affect your console and stop it from turning on. Clean the whole device and its surroundings and get rid of all the dust and other garbage.

Make sure to keep your PS4 and its premises clean and free of dirt. Don’t keep any electronic devices in too much windy area.

Method 5: Restart The PS4 On Safe Mode

my ps4 controller won't turn on

If your PS4 is stuck then this method can help you get out of the situation. This method can solve the software issues residing in the device.  Follow the steps below to restart your PS4:

  • Press the Power button on the PS4. Your PS4 will turn off after blinking a couple of times.
  • Hold onto the button until 2 beep sounds are heard.
  • Now, connect the DualShock 4 using a USB cable.
  • Next, press the PS button located at the center of your PS4.

Method 6: Remove The Hard Disk 

If any of the above methods doesn’t seem to make your PS4 turn on then go for checking the hard drive. There can be a chance that your hard drive got loosened or corrupted. Remove the hard disk from the device. If opening the hardware parts is not your thing, you can take help from the tutorial videos on internet.

why won't my ps4 turn on
After removing the hard disk, you will understand if it was not in a correct place. Locate it properly again and try to reboot your device and see if it turns on or not.

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Final Words

We hope the methods we have listed here helped you to solve the issue of your PS4 not turning on. Unfortunately, if none of these methods worked for you, then just go the nearby consoles store or Sony devices store. They can fix your problem by charging some money. But it’s worth it for your favorite PS4 controller. If you have any doubts on PS4 won’t turn on  ask or give any suggestions to us,  feel free to comment at Kinetic HiFi website.

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