How to Watch Netflix On Nintendo Switch

Netflix is one of the largest video-on-demand streaming platforms which is loved throughout the world. Netflix is available on almost all the streaming devices like smart TVs, PCs, smartphones, Vizio TV, Chromecast, PS4, and also Nintendo Wii.

However, Netflix on Nintendo Switch is like an eternal question. Nintendo Switch consoles allow the users to watch videos, stream movies, and much more apart from only playing games. Many Nintendo Switch users wish to watch Netflix on their consoles just like the other streaming apps.

netflix on nintendo switch

But, there is no official application of Netflix available on the Nintendo Switch e-shop. Therefore, it is a little hard to find this app in Nintendo Switch’s application store. Don’t worry though if you were planning to get Netflix on the Nintendo Switch console. In this post, we will tell you how to watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch easily.

Can You Watch Netflix On Nintendo Switch

No. Officially, there is no way to watch Netflix on Switch consoles since there is no dedicated application that is compatible with the Nintendo Switch devices. If you are a Nintendo Wii user, then you can easily get Netflix on the Wii U console and start binge-watching without any hassle.

However, if you want to get Netflix on your Nintendo Switch, then there is no straightforward process. Several streaming sites like YouTube, Hulu, Crackle, Tubi.TV, Pluto TV, and CBS News are available without any issue. For getting Netflix, you have to follow a certain procedure.

How To Get Netflix On Nintendo Switch

Here is how to download Netflix on Nintendo Switch. You have to carry out the three steps given below in order to get Netflix successfully on a Nintendo Switch device. The process is quite simple and easy, however, there is a catch in it. Read the steps to know the full process in detail.

Install Android OS On Nintendo Switch

Since there is no official way to access Netflix on Nintendo Switch, here is a workaround for it. To keep it short and simple, you have to transform your Nintendo Switch console into an Android device by installing Android Operating System onto the console. If you don’t know how to install Android on Nintendo Switch, then you can find a tutorial online for this.

can you watch netflix on nintendo switch

Be sure if you want this or not before installing Android on Switch. Once you install Android OS on Nintendo Switch, your console will function as an Android tablet. You won’t be able to use the apps that require GPS, a built-in camera, and a microphone. The Joycons will also not work on the apps on your Nintendo Switch console. So, make sure about your decision and if you still want it, install Android OS on Nintendo Switch and follow the next step.

Set Up Nintendo Switch To Smart TV

Now that you have installed Android Operating System onto your Nintendo console, the second big step is to set up the TV with the Switch console. Here is how to set up your Smart TV to the Nintendo Switch console in easy steps. For a better idea, have a look at the image displayed below.

  • Get your Nintendo Switch console and open the back cover of its dock.
  • Connect the USB cable from the Nintendo Switch AC adapter into the top slot of the dock saying “AC adapter”. Connect the other end of the adapter to a wall outlet.

how to get netflix on nintendo switch

  • Next, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the bottom terminal of the dock saying “HDMI Out”. Connect the other end to an HDMI port of your Television.
  • Now, turn on the TV and select the correct HDMI input for the TV.
  • That’s it. Nintendo will be set up on your smart TV.

Install Netflix On Nintendo Switch

After setting up your TV and the console, the next ultimate step to access Netflix is installing it on the device. Since your device behaves like an Android one now, you won’t find any issue installing Netflix on Nintendo Switch. Follow the steps given below to install Netflix on Nintendo Switch.

  • Open Nintendo Switch on your TV and sign in with your details.
  • From the Nintendo Switch home screen, choose the e-shop icon.
  • Now, select the search box to open the keyboard on your TV.

how to download netflix on nintendo switch

  • Using this on-screen keyboard, type “Netflix” and hit “OK”.
  • From the search results, select the “Netflix” app and click on “Install”.
  • After installing successfully open the app and sign in for your account.
  • Done.

Start Watching

You have successfully installed Netflix on Nintendo Switch. Without waiting anymore, prepare a watch list and start watching all your favorite shows, movies, originals, series, comedy, kids shows, and much more on Netflix. This streaming platform has a vast library of collections that will not disappoint you at all.

netflix on switch

You can find many regional and international films, TV series, web series, reality shows on Netflix including Oscar award-winning films like The Social Network, There Will Be Blood, Moonlight, Goodfellas, The Theory of Everything, etc.

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Here we have given a 100% working method to get Netflix on Nintendo Switch with complete steps given in detail. To start with, you will have to install Android OS on your Switch console. This can lead to reduced features and also some of the apps or games can’t be accessed, so be prepared. After that, connect the console to the TV and install Netflix. We hope you liked this post. For more useful guides, visit the Kinetic HiFi website.

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