How to Fix Netflix Not Working On Roku

Is your Netflix not working on Roku TV? Well, this issue has been very common in the past few months. Netflix streaming site is not able to run properly on Roku devices for many users. The reason behind this is yet to be known, however, we have found some effective solutions for this issue.

Netflix is ruling the world of streaming applications right now. It lets you access thousands of movies, TV shows, adventure shows, originals, and also award-winning movies on its platform. Since Netflix is a paid subscription, you can’t watch its content for free unless there is a free trial for the new users.

netflix not working on roku

But, after paying for the subscription if you start getting streaming issues on your application, that is a total disappointment. Such a scenario is what we are talking about in this post. Here we will tell you how to fix the “Netflix app not working on Roku” issue.

How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Roku

Below are the 5 best and effective solutions to perform when Netflix won’t load on Roku TV. Start with the quickest and easiest methods that can help you fix the “Netflix not working on Roku” issue.

Restart Roku

The first thing you should do when you are unable to stream Netflix on Roku is restarting your Roku TV.

  • On the Home page of your Roku TV, go to the “Settings”.
  • Now, select the “System” option and then choose “System Restart”.
  • Finally, click on “Restart” to confirm.

netflix not working on roku tv

  • After rebooting, open Netflix and check if Netflix not working on Roku still.

Most of the time, a simple restart can fix this issue and you won’t even have to try the other fixes. However, if Netflix not working on Roku still, then try the next solution.

Change your Display Settings

This method has been proven to solve the Roku Netflix not working issue. The Autodetect type in the display settings of your Roku is not able to support Netflix to stream. So, changing the display type settings will help you fix this issue. To change Display Settings on Roku, follow the steps given below.

  • Using your Roku remote, press the Home button on your TV.
  • Now, go down, search and select the “Settings” option.

netflix app not working on roku

  • Next, under Settings, select the “Display type” option.

netflix won't load on roku

  • Here, except “Auto detect” choose whatever display resolution you want to keep.

roku netflix not working

  • Select the “OK” button and save the display settings.
  • You can select all the options one by one and check Netflix is working or not.

Check for Updates

Roku generally updates all the applications automatically. However, you can also do it manually once to get rid of any update pending. To check updates on Roku, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Launch your Roku TV and on the home screen, open the “Settings” menu.
  • Under “Settings”, now find and choose the “System” option.

netflix not working on roku tv

  • Next, select the “System update” option from the screen.
  • Finally, choose the “Check Now” button.

netflix not working on roku stick

  • Your device will scan for the updates for all the apps and also for the TV.

Check your Netflix Account

As you already know, Netflix is a paid subscription service. So, if there are any issues with your Netflix not working on Roku, then there is a high chance that the fault is at your Netflix account. Make sure to check your plan is whether expired or still active.

If you see that the plan is active, then also check how many devices are running Netflix on them. Since you already might have known that Netflix has a limited platform availability. So, if you are trying to use Netflix on more than the fixed devices, then it can also cause the “Netflix not working on Roku” issue.

In such cases, you can remove a device so that you can use Netflix on Roku. Follow the steps given below to remove a device on Netflix.

  • Open Netflix on your browser and sign in to your account by giving the credentials.
  • After signing into your account, take your cursor to the profile icon and select “Account”.

why isn't my netflix working on roku

  • Now, go to the “Settings” section and click on “Manage download devices”.

is netflix not working on roku

  • All the devices using your Netflix account will be displayed.
  • Simply click on the “Remove device” that will be present below each device name.

why isn't my netflix working on my roku tv

Remove Netflix from Roku

If none of the above methods worked, you can just remove the app from Roku and then add it again. This will clear the cache files and also gives a fresh start to your app.

  • On your TV, press the Home button using the Roku remote.
  • Now, search Netflix and highlight this app, and press the “Star” button.

netflix not working on roku 2021

  • From the menu options, select the “Remove Channel” option.
  • Confirm that you want to remove Netflix from Roku.

fix netflix not working on roku

  • Next, go to the “Settings” and then select “System”. Then, choose “System Restart”.
  • After your Roku TV is restarted, go to the Channels and then add Netflix.
  • Finally, launch Netflix and see if Netflix not working on Roku still.

Most probably, this method will fix the “Netflix not working on Roku” issue and will let you stream your favorite videos on Netflix easily.

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Final Words

We have provided the best 5 solutions to perform when Netflix not working on Roku TV. Start with the simple method and just restart your Roku TV. If the problem persists, then try the other fixes. If none of the methods are working, then just remove Netflix from Roku and add again. This will not take much time and will fix your issue within no time. Hope you found this post helpful. For more related articles, visit the Kinetic HiFi website.

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