Netflix Free Trial 3 Months Subscription { Updated 2021 }

You can enjoy free entertainment now on Netflix free trial 3 months subscription without worrying about your pocket. Netflix is one of the popular video streaming application with over 182 million subscribers around the world. You can binge watch your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, reality shows and what not with a Netflix subscription. But the sad part about Netflix is that it costs you a great amount of money for the fun it gives.

A one-month  Premium Netflix subscription costs you $16 which means $190 per year. The most basic one among the subscriptions takes $8 of amount. Only those users who are freaking rich will spend such a sum of money just for watching movies and all. But what about those who can’t buy these memberships? Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Netflix Free Trial 3 Months

You can get a Netflix free trial for yourself where you don’t need to spend a single penny and  still enjoy all the shows. We will show you 5 useful methods in our article to have a Netflix free trial account.

Netflix Free Trial 3 Months

You only  get a free trial on Netflix for once. But there are some ways to make it thrice. You can get a first trial when you sign up for the account on Netflix. The Netflix app gives some promotions on special occasions. You can make use of this chance to get a second free trial. There are also some other methods to have a Netflix free trial. Read to know more.

Netflix Free Trial Without Credit Card

Netflix provides a wide range of entertainment for its users. It has all the genres of movies and series. Netflix also has it’s own set of originals. We will show you 5 legit methods to get a Netflix free trial without a credit card. Please read this article on Netflix Free Trial 3 Months till the last to know the methods.

Method-1: Use a Debit Card 

Netflix app only allows credit cards for getting a free trial. However, you can smartly use your debit card for the free trial. In some Asian countries like India, there are more debit card users than credit card users. So, if you are an Indian then this method is perfectly suitable for you.

  • Contact the customer care service of your nearby bank in which you have a bank account.
  • Apply for international transaction option on your debit card.
  • They will unlock the transactions on your request.
  • Now you can use this debit card in place of credit card while asking for a Netflix free trial.
  • Note that only a few banks  like State Bank of India (SBI) supports international transactions on debit cards.
  • You can also create a PayPal account and use the details on Netflix.

netflix free trial without credit card

Method-2: Use Virtual Credit Cards

Netflix has long ago blocked the fake credit card generators which can be used to buy a Netflix account. But you can use the real Virtual Credit Cards to get a Netflix membership. There are sites available on the internet which provides virtual cards. All you have to do is just sign up on their sites and request for a virtual credit card.

how to get netflix free trial

Wirex Virtual Card is one such website that provides virtual cards outside India. There are also debit card providers like Paytm Payments Bank, ICICI Pocket and Airtel Payments Bank who gives virtual debit cards. However, these are only available in India. You can use these VCC details to get a Netflix free trial.

Method-3: Get a Netflix Gift Card

If you have enough money then just go to Netflix official website and buy yourself a Netflix gift card. You can use these gift cards for Netflix subscription. You can also ask your friends or family members to gift you one on any specific occasion. These cards never gets expired, therefore you can ask your friends to share their cards if they have bought.

netflix free trial 3 months without credit card

Apart from buying, you can also earn the Netflix gift cards by signing up on Survey Websites. You can register for an account on the site and participate in the surveys to earn points. Some sites give Netflix gift card as a reward for completing the tasks. If the gift card is not in the option, then just collect enough points to buy a Netflix gift card.  SurveyJunkie, Swagbucks, InboxDollars are such kind of apps.

Method-4: Share a Netflix Subscription

This method is not totally free of cost. It costs you the least amount of price for a Netflix account. Netflix allows 4 users on one Premium account at a time. All you have to do is, ask your 3 friends to join you for buying a subscription. You can split the money equally among yourselves. For example, if you are buying a 1-month subscription then it’s price will be $16. Each one of you will have to pay $4 and can easily get yourselves a Netflix Premium account.

Make sure that one of you owns a credit card  or a debit card with international transactions option. This process lowers the cost by 75%.

Method-5: Get a Netflix Subscription with Airtel

Get a Netflix Subscription with Airtel

This method is only applicable in India. Airtel provides Netflix Free Trial 3 Months Subscription for it’s promotion for the postpaid and broadband users of Airtel. If you buy an Airtel broadband connection, then it will give you a 3-month Netflix membership and also a 1-year Amazon Prime membership. You can use these subscriptions free of cost for the given duration of time.

How To Get Netflix Free Trial

Users can grab a Netflix Free Trial 3 Months by being in touch with the Netflix websites always.  Netflix gives out promotion services for its customers via e-mails. Be updated on the application and follow the Netflix sites on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. You can use any of the chances given to get a subscription for yourself.

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If you are an entertainment lover, then you should definitely try the methods on Netflix Free Trial 3 Months that we have listed here. You can get a Netflix free trial easily by following these methods. Watch movies, TV series, reality shows without spending. So don’t wait anymore. Grab this great chance. Do ‘Netflix and Chill’. For more information, please visit our website Kinetic HiFi and know more from us.

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