Macbook Pro Black Screen of Death {Quick Ways To Fix}

Want to know how to fix Macbook Pro black screen of death. Today, one must be passionate about technology so as not to miss the latest technological advances, while PCs, phones, and tablets become faster and more sophisticated. Not surprisingly, many people do not have enough time to become an expert, so even small problems with the Mac may seem like real hardware failures. However, in many cases, these errors are software and can be resolved without having to take the equipment to repair service.

A problem of them, not very common but disconcerting, is when the computer starts randomly showing a black screen. Here you have the impression that the equipment needs a hardware repair, but before taking the equipment to technical service, you should try some diagnostic recommendations and solutions.

Macbook Pro Black Screen of Death

In this article, we will give the most popular advice on what to do if your Mac starts up with a completely black screen.

How to Fix Macbook Pro Black Screen of Death

Below are some of the methods by which you can see and solve the issues of Macbook Pro Black Screen of Death. These methods can be used to solve either the black or blue screen on your MAC device.

Reset the System Management Controller

The first step should probably be the restoration of the system management controller that could solve possible power problems on Mac. This step can solve many problems caused by the power supply, fans, heat, hibernation problems, apart from problems of the screen.

How to fix Macbook Pro Black Screen of Death

For almost all Apple laptops manufactured after 2012, the way to reset the SMC is the same and you should follow these steps:

  • Turn off the Mac and connect the power adapter.
  • In almost all cases, it is the MagSafe connector.
  • Press and hold the Shift + Control + Option keys while clicking the on/off button.
  • Finally, release all the keys at the same time, then start the computer as usual.

Users of Mac computers with versions of 2012 or earlier should look for other instructions to reset the SMC here. You can find other problems caused by the SMC and how it can be reset.

Try a Keyboard Shortcut

Since its screen is black, it may seem that there is nothing that can be done, but that is not really the case. Even if your screen shows nothing, your Mac computer probably recognizes the keyboard signals. Sometimes, with a combination of keys, you can solve the black screen problem.

  • Press the on and off button only once.
  • This will open the power options box that you cannot see.
  • Press the S button; With this command, you will tell your Mac to go to sleep.
  • Press and hold the power button until you hear how it is forced to shut down to the hard drive.
  • Wait about 15 seconds and then turn on the computer as usual.

This solution is not a guarantee that the problem of Macbook Pro Black Screen of Death will be fixed, but sometimes it works.

Reset Mac PRAM Memory

If none of the steps above was helpful, try resetting the PRAM memory. The PRAM has a purpose very similar to the SMC with one caveat: the PRAM stores the information in memory. The process to restore PRAM is very similar to NVRAM.

Fix Macbook Pro Black Screen of Death

  • Restart your Mac computer and, as soon as you hear the boot sound, press and hold the Command + Option + P + R keys.
  • When you hear the boot sound again, release the keys. This means that the PRAM has been restored, so let your computer boot as usual.

After following these steps, your Mac should start without any black screen errors.

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Enter Your Password and Press Return

Finally, if you still have black screen problems, you could try this alternative method. Although it seems useless, many people tell us that it has helped them. All you have to do with this method is to try to log in as if everything was working fine.

When the Mac shows the black screen, enter the password you would use to log in to your Mac. After entering the password, press the Return button on your keyboard. If this trick worked for you, you will notice immediately because the black screen will be gone and you will see your usual desktop.

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