How To Fix Killer Control Center Service Not Running

Did you notice that an unknown program file update called “Killer Control Center” is installed on your device? Well, no need to worry or panic out, it is only an internet speed optimization tool. But, is it really necessary to have it on your PC?

Killer Control Center, as many Windows users have noticed, an update that was installed out of nowhere when they restarted their PC. This tool is one of the useful programs that can run games on your device smoothly by assigning the required internet speed.

killer control center

However, many users have noticed that this program can be quite annoying sometimes. It shows so many pop-ups on the screen and is also said to be reducing the efficiency of the system. Know if you should keep this tool or discard it.

What Is Killer Control Center

Killer Control Center is a software program that is downloaded with the Killer NIC(Network Interface Card). This program is used to optimize your PC, and lets you run your games smoothly.

what is killer control center

This tool also sets the priority for internet usage so that the bandwidth is divided across the programs based on their needs. Otherwise, the internet will be divided equally among all the tasks thus making your game to slow down a bit.

Is Killer Control Center Update Safe

As far as we have collected the information and by testing this file, we can conclude that this program is safe. Killer Control Center program is a part of the Killer NIC wireless gaming card. This software is used to prioritize the gaming network activity of your device.

It is a useful tool to balance the network distribution on your system so that the games or apps that need more network are given a sufficient amount of internet. However, some of the users who have encountered this program on their device say that this program was working fine at first but later resulted in a lagging PC.

Should I Remove Killer Control Center Software

The Killer Control Center download is from a non-Microsoft side and it is installed from the Killer Network. The Killer Control tool is just to optimize and maintain your internet speed so that the games you are going to play on the NIC gaming card are running smoothly.

There are no particular reasons why you should necessarily delete this installation from your device. You can leave it installed on your device, however, it keeps annoying with the continuous ads and popups. Apart from that, it is not a virus or malware that needs to be gotten rid of. Also, some of the users have also reported that this program slows down your PC. In that case, you can remove this program to be on the safe side.

How To Disable Killer Control Center

In case if you don’t want to uninstall this program, then you can disable it and stop it from running in the background. This can fix the PC slowing down issues and also the Killer Control Center service not running issue. Follow the steps given below to disable the KCC file.

  • Press Windows + R keys to open the Run box.
  • Type “taskmgr” and click on “OK” or press Enter.

killer control center download

  • The window for Task Manager will be opened now.
  • Now, switch the tab to the “Startup” tab.
  • Then, find and right-click on “Killer Control Center”.

killer control center service not running

  • From the given options, select “Disable”.
  • That’s it. Restart your PC now.

The tool will remain installed on your device. However, it will not do its functions and thus will not result in slowing down the PC as well. If you want to enable this feature back again, then you can navigate to the Startup tab of Task Manager by the same steps given here and enable it back.

How To Fix Killer Control Center Service Not Running

To fix this issue, a clean install is the most recommended one. This Killer Control Center is just a non-Microsoft program that is meant to optimize your games and apps. You can uninstall it anytime without harming your PC.

If you don’t want to completely remove this from your device, then you can just disable its operations on your PC by following the method mentioned above. However, if you want to totally delete or uninstall this program for your PC, then install it as a new one, then follow the steps given below to uninstall Killer Control Center.

  • Press Windows + I keys to open the Windows settings page.
  • Now, click on the “Apps” section to open it.

killer control center update

  • Next, from the left pane, click on the “Apps & Features” option.
  • Then, scroll down and click on the “Killer Control Center” program.

uninstall killer control center

  • Select the “Uninstall” option to remove this file from the PC.
  • Finally, click on “Uninstall” again to confirm.

That’s it. This program will be permanently deleted from your device. Now, restart your device and let the system automatically install the latest and updated Killer Control Center drivers on your device. This will most surely fix the issue of Killer Control Center service not running issue.

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Here we have provided the complete description of the optimization tool, Killer Control Center. This tool is meant to prioritize the apps and games and distribute the network signals and internet speed accordingly. You can rest assured that this surely is not a virus or malware. However, there are cases when it slowed the system for some users. Hope you liked this informative guide. For more useful posts, visit the Kinetic HiFi website.

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