Is Voicemod Safe? Full Review of VoiceMod Pro for Discord

You might have read reviews posting “Is Voicemod Safe?” The Voicemod is a voice changer software that can convert your voice into robotic voice (male/female). It is receiving a great response because it is fun to use and changes the pitch and tone of your voice so that the listener cannot identify you. It is great for games and chatting with your friends.

The Voicemod software is free to use but some of the advanced features require to buy the PRO version. The Voicemod can be run on Windows at present. It will soon be launched for Linux and Mac OSX. The software is also available for iOS phones but Android smartphones do not have access to it.

Is Voicemod Safe

There are several posts on the internet doubting Is Voicemod Safe? There are also so many reviews saying not to install the software. If you want to know is Voicemod safe or not? check this article.  Learn about the security details of this software or application in this article. We will provide you  all the information you need to know about the software before installing it.

Is Voicemod Safe?

Yes, Voicemod is absolutely safe to use and it does not harm your device in any possible way. The Voicemod is not at a threat to your device and can be run without worries. It is free to use and only needs an internet connection as it is an online application. You can have fun modifying your voice on the app and can also chat with your friends.You can also add additional effects to your voice. It works great with other programs like discord, steam, steam games etc.

is voicemod a virus

Voicemod Features

You can  create custom voice mods which are available in the PRO version. You will have to buy the PRO version to enjoy the extra features. The Voicemod meme sound machine feature is a fun way to troll your teammates while playing games. It allows you to create your custom soundboard from where you can play various sounds by clicking on keys.

is voicemod a virus

  • Voicemod is a complete voice changer program for Windows and iOS.
  • You can use it to change your voice online while playing games, attending meetings, or during conference calls.
  • It is highly optimized to use the minimal PC resources so it won’t put much pressure on your system.
  • It is compatible with almost any software on your computer.
  • The application offers 7 voice presets in the free version that rotates every week.
  • If you have the PRO version, you’ll get over 77 voices to use and more presets are added regularly.
  • You can also select the nature of the voice and gender of the voice.
  • The application size is small and also free to use.

Voicemod Versions

The Voicemod comes in free as well as paid versions. The free version is easy to download and use without costing extra price. The free version just acts as a demo for the application with only few features. But if you use the app regularly, the free version might not satisfy you. You will need the paid version. The paid version is called Voicemod PRO and costs around $20 for lifetime license. If you don’t want the lifetime license, you can go for other options.

  • $10 for one year use.
  • $4 for 3-months.
  • $20 for lifetime use.

Is Voicemod a Virus?

The simple answer to this question is “NO”. The Voicemod application is not a virus and cannot harm your device and yes is Voicemod Safe. Those are all rumors stating that the Voicemod is a virus which are arising due to the installations from wrong websites. Security researchers categorize this malware as a PUP(Potentially Unwanted Program). It is a parasite that sneaks into your device unnoticed and wrecks your user experience.

  • The reporting of malware starts when a user installs the application from unofficial websites. It is okay to use as long as the application is not infected with virus. But if the app was infected from unknown source then it might harm your device.
  • You can anytime run a full scan of Voicemod exe file using the famous online scanning website Virustotal and you will find is Voicemade safe or not.
  • However, you must note one thing that the official version of Voicemod can be found only on their official website or Discord Server. If you download this app from any other location, then the security of that application may be threatened and shouldn’t be trusted.
  • So make sure to install the application from official website to avoid the issues of virus.
  • However, there is an issue of uninstalling the app. The Voicemod app is difficult to uninstall.

Voicemod Reviews

It is a safe app to use not only for Discord, but also for Twitch, Skype, VR Chat and all your favorite games. The Voicemod app does not modify any files on your device and also does not interfere in your personal data. Therefore, it is safe to use the app without getting worried. It is a worth installing application to have fun and we can say yes Is Voicemod Safe to use. Many users have also reviewed it as a great app with so much fun.

Voicemod Reviews

However, there also several users who does not seem satisfy with the application. They report that the app contains malicious software and is lacking in speed and efficiency of the device and know you can confirm Is Voicemod Safe. Random pop-ups and microphone problems are detected in some devices.

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I hope that this article was informative for you on “is Voicemod safe?”. You can install the application from the right source and enjoy the fun changing your voice with the Voicemod app. It is really a worth trying app with many effects which makes the app fun to use. Share the app with your friends and enjoy the changed voices. It does not create any threat to your PC as long as you make sure to install from the correct website. To be on safe side try scanning the application on any other virus detecting application. Install only if you are satisfied with the results. If you want to uninstall the app, you can follow the general procedure to uninstall the program. For more information visit our Kinetic HiFi website.

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