Is Softonic Safe, Legal and Legit to Use?

Every entertainment lover knows about Softonic. But is Softonic safe? Softonic is a well-known website which makes downloading online games, applications, movies and shows very easy. Still the users are confused whether to trust the app or not because of the negative reviews on the internet.

Softonic is an application discovery portal which was founded in 1997 by a Barcelona, Spain-based company. It is owned by the company Softonic International. This software reaches over 100 million users every month having more than 4 million downloads every day. It got a huge response from the public in the starting days of its release and they want to know Is Softonic Safe or not. It provides free entertainment to its users without costing a single penny.

is softonic safe

But what is with all those negative reviews on the web. Is Softonic really a malware like what the netizens are saying. Read to know more about Softonic in this article and make your own decision.

Is Softonic Safe To Use

Windows users are the most profited ones to get free software. They can use free websites like Softonic and CNET to get free apps. The Softonic website provides copy-right free content on its platform. Every single file or program which is available on the Softonic website gets scanned by atleast 30 different anti-virus applications. It guarantees the safety of your device when you download any program from their site.

Is Softonic Safe To Download

This website has claimed so many times that it contains no threats to your computer. Then, why is Softonic being doubted to trust. Many reviews are even claiming that it is actually a malware, which can destroy your computer. If you are also curious to know the truth, then keep scrolling and read till last to know “is softonic Safe or not”.

Is Softonic Safe Reddit Reviews

The famous online reviewing platform Reddit has given a mixed reaction on the freeware Softonic. There are reviews stating that the software was very helpful to them while there are some criticizing reviews claiming Softonic to be a malware in disguise. Here are some user reviews to help you get an idea about the software.

  • Stefi Rosca: It is completely safe to download programs and apps from Softonic. I have been using this app for months now, and it is really easy to use.
  • Mark de Haan: Softonic is NOT at all safe. This software has ruined my computer with its malice. It was such a waste using this software.
  • Jo Jo: There are so many ads in this software and it is really handling the ads. All good except that.
  • Simone Popolizio: I don’t use this software anymore. It infected my computer files.
  • J4KUB: It is a stupid website. I just destroyed my tablet by downloading it.

These are the reviews given by Softonic users on Reddit site.

Is Softonic Safe To Download From Any Browser

We would say, it is safe to download apps and programs from Softonic. These programs are scanned before being available on the software to ensure the safety. Here are our justifications to claim that Softonic is safe to use.

1.  Google Transparency Report

You can always check for a website’s safety on the internet by using GTP (Google Transparency Report). The Google Transparency Report has declared Softonic as a safe software and good to use. You can trust GTP on this.

Is Softonic Safe for device

However, Softonic has got control issues on its content. If the settings are not done properly, it might affect your computer’s residing data.

2. Web Of Trust review

The browser extension Web Of Trust (WOT) has given a positive review on Softonic. When checked on WOT, it gave a score of 85 for its trustworthiness and a score of 86 for its child safety. WOT is a reliable software to check for the safety of websites. So, you can also trust this review.

Is Softonic Safe for Computer

3. Softonic Website Claimings

Softonic website promises the users that the website is 100% secure and it is completely free of any kind of viruses and malware. All the programs and files provided by the software are tested by anti-virus engines.

4. TrustPilot Rating

One of the trustworthy reviewing app is TrustPilot. It shows honest ratings to the websites. And Softonic got a ‘Bad’ rating on The reviews state that the software has hidden malware and spyware which is affecting their devices.
Is Softonic safe to download from

How To Uninstall Softonic

If you are no longer interested to keep Softonic and want to say farewell to it, we are here to guide you to do so. Follow the steps below to delete Softonic from your device.
  • Go to website and login to your account.
  • Click on the login details i.e, ‘Username’ and then select the option ‘Edit my Details’.
  • It will be show you ‘Delete my account’ option. Just click on it.
  • It will ask you why you want to delete your account by providing a list of reasons. Select one that seems appropriate to you and confirm deleting your account.
  • Now, your account will be gone permanently.

Is Softonic Safe To Download

We have personally taken a step forward to try Softonic to answer the questions regarding its safety. Guess what was the result. We downloaded the programs and apps from the Softonic website and tried using them and also scanned the downloaded files using various anti-virus apps. There was no problem in using the installed apps. However, there was malware attached to some of the files which can be installed on to your device to harm your data.

This website is partially safe and partially not safe. We can say that it is quite risky to use this app for freeware. It is giving out content free of cost but the computer may have to pay the price for a mere entertainment.

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Based on the reviews given by the users, online website ratings and our own experience we can say that this app is useful yet dangerous at the same time. We can give a 50-50 rating to . If you still insist on using Softonic, proceed on your own risk.

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