Is Bluestacks Safe To Use For Windows & Mac?

Many BlueStacks users are having trust issues with the app right now. Forums and threads are flooded with questions like ‘is BlueStacks safe’, ‘is BlueStacks virus’. If you also have such doubts, read this article to find out.

BlueStacks is an app player developed by BlueStacks Company in the year 2011. This app player is designed to enable Android applications to run on PCs running Microsoft Windows and MacOS. BlueStacks creates a virtual Android OS environment on your PC allowing the Android apps specially games on the computer.

Is BlueStacks Safe

The problem arises when some anti-virus apps are stating that the app is a threat to your computer. Avast and McFree have claimed the app to contain malware and blocked the app on the PCs. However, these anti-virus apps are famous for their false-positive results.

 We will provide you all the information regarding the safety of BlueStacks app in detail in this article. You can decide after reading the full article if it is safe or not. 

Is BlueStacks Safe

Technically speaking, BlueStacks app player is safe and legit. The company claims the app to be totally safe for your PC. Then, why is this opinion made among public that the app is not safe.

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This app has become just like a savior for gaming kids. Famous games like PUBG Mobile and ClashRoyale are not supported on some computers. If you have the same problem, you can easily run these games on your PC with BlueStacks.

Apart from Android games, you can also use popular Android apps such as Whatsapp and Snapchat on your PC with the help of BlueStacks. This app provides great features which include Real-time translator, user-friendly interface, customizable controls, and much more.

What is BlueStacks

The BlueStacks is basically an app that can be used to run Android apps on Windows and Mac computers. The basic requirement needed to run BlueStacks on your PC is given below.

  • For Windows PC: Windows 7 or higher OS , min 2 GB RAM, 5 GB disk space, Intel or AMD Microprocessor.
  • For Mac PC: MacOS Sierra or higher OS, min 4 GB RAM, and 4 GB disk storage.

is bluestacks safe for computer

This app is free to download and use on your computers. Basic features of this software comes with the free version. If you wish to have advanced features, you need to pay for a monthly subscription.

The BlueStacks company claims that this app player can currently run 1.5 million Android apps on its platform. BlueStacks have been downloaded over 210 million times and is the largest used app player.

Is BlueStacks Safe For PC

It is being said that BlueStacks is not safe for PC and might harm your device. Well, it is not true. It just slows down your PC that too in only some cases.

is bluestacks safe for pc

As you might have known, BlueStacks require minimum of 4 GB RAM to run efficiently. But, some users download this app with lesser RAM. This can make your PC slow because the BlueStacks app needs more temporary space.

If you use this app on high-end devices which meets all the needed requirements, then your PC will not face any slowing down problem.

How Safe Is BlueStacks

Apart from slowing down your PC, there are no threats which comes with the BlueStacks app player. The reasons why most users are having issues to trust this app are:

  1. It asks you to disable the anti-virus software while installing the app. This is just to make sure that the app is installed successfully because many anti-virus apps create troubles when installing a 3rd party application on PC.
  2. It reduces the efficiency of the PC only in case of low-end machines.
  3. Anti-virus applications like Avast are blocking this app and declaring it as a threat to PC.

It is natural that you panic when an anti-virus software claims an app to be a virus. But, that’s not always true. These can be false-positive results given by the software just to keep your PC on safe side.

Is BlueStacks Safe Reddit

The Reddit website has also claimed that the app player is safe to use and doesn’t harm your computer. Below is the statement given by Reddit.

“Yes. Bluestacks is very safe to Download and install on your laptop. We have tested the Bluestacks app with almost all anti-virus software and none of them detected any malicious software in the Bluestacks.”

Is BlueStacks Safe For Your Device

We can say it is absolutely safe to use Bluestacks on your PC or laptop. However, you can have some issues to run this app on your PC if it is blocked by anti-malware protection apps. You can always use these methods to fix the issues to use BlueStacks without worries.

  1. Add the BlueStacks app player as an exception in the anti-virus software. Now that you know this app is safe you can add it in the list of protected apps.
  2. You don’t need to worry if the app is asking you to turn off the real-time protection while installing. Once the installation is done, you can turn it on again.
  3. To not lose the speed of your PC, use a system with min 2 GB virtual memory for Mac and min 4 GB virtual memory for Windows.

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Note: These are some important points to note when you start using a BlueStacks app on your PC.

  • Download the app from the official website of BlueStacks company as the other sites may attach malware to harm your device and steal your data.
  • Run the BlueStacks app on at least one anti-virus engine to check for virus. You can rest assured once you check yourself.
  • Install this app only on devices which fulfill the requirements given by BlueStacks.

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We conclude this article by answering the question ‘Is BlueStacks Safe?’ Yes, it is completely safe to use this app. We have also run this app on various malware detecting engines before answering this question. There is no kind of virus or malware attached to the app. For more information, visit our Kinetic HiFi website.

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