Hulu Error Code P-TS207: How to Fix Play Back Error

Are you troubled with the Hulu Error Code P-TS207? Hulu is an amazing app with a huge number of users on its platform. But, recently this app has been showing the playback error and doesn’t let you stream any content.

Hulu is an American video streaming service that provides a great variety of entertainment. You can watch movies, shows, originals, and much more with a Hulu subscription. Since Hulu is a subscription-based service, you have to pay for using the app. But, Hulu subscription is far cheaper than other streaming services and provides excellent content which is the reason why many users are attracted to it.

hulu error code p-ts207

Now, for the error code issue, when searched for Hulu error code P-TS207 Reddit users have complained that this issue mostly occurs on Roku TV. Other device users are less affected when compared to Roku users. However, you can fix this issue no matter for what device you are getting this error code.

Hulu Error Code P-TS207

Hulu Error Code P-TS207 is a playback error that shows up whenever there is a streaming problem. Mostly, this error is reported by Roku users when compared to other streaming device users. However, don’t worry if you got this error on your device. You can easily fix it with some patience and effort.

Hulu error code p-ts207 on screen

Why Hulu Error Code P-TS207 Occurs

Actually, Hulu Error Code P-TS207 is a playback error. The exact reason why this error code shows up is not known. But, we can detect that the playback errors are mostly occurred due to browser or cache issues. Below are some of the reasons why this error code appears on your device.

  1. If your Hulu app is not updated.
  2. Hulu has corrupted cache files.
  3. Weak internet connection.
  4. Some app issues on the Hulu server side.

If the above three reasons are the cause of the error code, then you can easily fix it. However, if you can’t fix the issue whatever method you use on your Hulu app, then it must be the problem from the Hulu app itself. These kinds of issues are handled by developers of the app. So, just wait for them to fix it.

5 Methods To Fix Hulu Error Code P-TS207

Below are the five best and effective methods using which you can easily get rid of the Hulu error code P-TS207. We have tried and tested these methods and are sure that these methods can remove the error from your device.

Check Your Internet Connection

how to fix hulu error code p-ts207

Firstly, when your device is showing the Hulu error code P-TS207, make sure to check whether your internet connection is strong or not. Many times due to poor network connectivity, streaming issues take place. Hence, try to connect to a strong internet or just switch to a mobile hotspot.

Clear Cache Files

The most possible reason for the playback error is the browser issues. Hence, clearing the Hulu cache files will be very effective in solving the Hulu error code P-TS207 issue.

methods to fix hulu error code p-ts207

For Android:

  • Open the Settings on your Android smartphone or tab. Find the “Apps & Notifications” section under the settings.
  • Tap on the “App Info” option.┬áIn the given list of apps, find the Hulu app and open it.
  • Now, tap on the “Force Stop” button to close the app.
  • Next, select the “Storage” option and tap on the “Clear Data” button to clear all the cache files.
  • Finally, restart your device and launch Hulu. Check if the error code still appears.

For Amazon Fire TV Stick:

  • Launch your Amazon Fire TV and go to the main menu and navigate to the Settings.
  • Under the settings, select the “Manage All Installed Applications” option.
  • From the list of installed apps, find and select “Hulu”.
  • Now, go down and click on the “Clear Cache” button.
  • Then, restart your device and launch Hulu to check the error code.

For Chrome:

  • Open Chrome and click on the three vertical dots located at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Now, select “More Tools” and then click on “Clear browsing data..”.
  • Next, select the browsing period as “All Time” so that all your browsing history is removed.
  • Find and select the “Cached images and files” box.
  • Finally, click on the “Clear Data” option.

Update Hulu

Hulu is a streaming app with regular updates available for the users. If you have not installed the recent updates on your device, then it can also lead to playback errors. So, make sure to check if your app is updated or not.

hulu error code p-ts207 reddit

If you are using Smart TVs like Samsung smart TV, Vizio TV, then don’t need to update manually. These devices will automatically check for the updates and install them from time to time.

  • For Android and iOS mobiles, you can just go to their respective app stores and check for updates.
  • For Apple TV, on your TV, navigate to App Store-> Purchased Section-> Hulu. If any updates are pending, it will show up on the screen. Just install the updates.
  • For Roku, navigate to Roku menu-> Settings-> System-> System Update-> Check Now-> OK. The updates will be installed on your Roku TV.

Perform Power Cycle

ways to fix hulu error code p-ts207

Performing a power cycle on your device can refresh the device and will help you fix the error code too. Follow the steps given below to perform the Power Cycle.

  • Turn off your TV by pressing the power button. Now unplug your device, modem, router and wait for a few minutes.
  • Now, plug in the router and wait for it to turn on. Then, plug in your device and start your TV with the help of a power button.
  • Open Hulu and check whether the Hulu error code P-TS207 still appears.

Reinstall Hulu

If none of the above four methods helped you to get rid of the Hulu Error Code P-TS207, then a quick uninstall and then fresh installation might help. Don’t need to worry, as your account will not be eliminated or deleted once you uninstall the app.

fix hulu error code p-ts207

Just sign out of your Hulu account and uninstall the app from your device. Restart your device, may it be a mobile phone, smart TV, Fire TV Stick, or Roku. Once restarted, install the Hulu app from the official website or from the App Store or Play Store.

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Final Words

We hope you found our methods helpful for fixing the Hulu error code P-TS207. Just try the methods that we have given here. If none of the methods have helped you to get rid of the error code, then contact Hulu customer support and explain your issue to them. They will help you to get rid of the issue as soon as possible. For more related posts, visit the Kinetic HiFi website.

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