How To Fix Hulu Error 94 Loading Error

Are you looking for a simple yet effective fix for the Hulu Error 94? Don’t worry, this error code can be fixed easily. Spare some of your precious time while doing hulu activate, because you may get some error codes and fix it in no time with the methods that we have given here.

Hulu, as we all know, is an on-demand over-the-top video streaming service that works on a paid subscription. When you spend a good amount of sum on this streaming platform to watch all your favorites in your free time but it doesn’t stream properly and gives you error codes instead, then it becomes really annoying.

hulu error 94

The error 94 Hulu is also such a case. This error code doesn’t let you stream any video and becomes a headache once it appears on the screen. However, if you want to get rid of this Hulu error 94 code, then follow the easy methods that we have listed out here.

6 Methods to Fix Hulu Error 94 Loading Error

It becomes frustrating when your favorite streaming platform betrays you and you don’t even know why Hulu is not working. Well, Hulu error 94 is a loading error which means that the app is not able to load the content that you have selected.

The reason why this happens is dependent on some of the factors like your internet signal, pending updates, or a lot of app cache that got accumulated in your device. So, whatever the reason is behind the Hulu error94, here is how you can fix it easily in 6 methods.

Check your Internet Connection

First of all, check if your internet connection is poor. In case of having a weak internet signal, you can get the Hulu error 94 and also other error codes on your Hulu app. You can check to stream any other app on your device or try to open any social media application and check your internet connection.

error 94 hulu

There are also many internet speed checker websites n the internet where you can test your internet speed easily. If your internet speed is slow, then make sure to connect to a stronger network with a minimum 600MBPS speed. Also, if you are using a mobile data connection, then try to connect to wifi and check if the Hulu error 94 is fixed or not.

Force Stop Hulu

If you are still getting the error code on your device even after having a strong internet connection, then close the Hulu application forcefully and relaunch it again. Here is how to force stop the Hulu app on your device.

why is hulu not working

  • For Android devices and Smart TVs: Go to Settings -> Applications -> Hulu -> Force Stop.
  • For Fire TV and tablet: Go to More -> Applications -> Installed applications -> Hulu -> Force Stop.
  • For Xbox One: Launch Hulu and then press the Xbox button. Select the “Menu” on your controller and then “Quit’.

Wait for a few seconds and then launch Hulu on your device. Now try to stream any video and check if the error is gone or not.

Deactivate Hulu on your Device

As you know that you must activate Hulu on every respective device to use it. So, if there are any issues with the activation process or your code failed to work, then you have to reactivate it again. Follow these steps below to deactivate Hulu on your device.

  • On your computer or smartphone, launch the browser and visit the Hulu login page.
  • Enter your email ID and password and click on “LOG IN”.

hulu error94

  • After successfully logging into your Hulu account, go to the home page
  • Navigate to the top-right corner of the page, and select the “Account” option.
  • Now, go to “Your Account” and then select “Manage Devices”.
  • Next, find the device that you are having trouble using Hulu on.
  • Select the “Remove” button next to your device name and deactivate it.

Now, activate your device again by getting the activation code. After activating successfully, try to stream any video and check if the Hulu error 94 still persists.

Perform a Power Cycle

The next method that we suggest doing is to perform a power cycle on your device. To perform a power cycle on your device, follow the steps given below.

  • Unplug your computer or TV and also unplug the router or modem.

hulu error 94 xbox one

  • Now, press the power button of your router for at least 20 seconds.

fix hulu error 94

  • After 20 seconds, plug in the router and the device and turn them on.
  • Then, launch Hulu and try to stream any video.
  • Check if the Hulu error 94 is still there or gone.

Update Hulu

If you are still seeing the error code when you try to stream any Hulu video, then make sure to check if your app is updated or not. Many times you can’t stream a video due to compatibility issues. So, go to the app settings and check if there are any updates.

hulu error 94 samsung tv

For Android users, you can visit the Play Store and search for “Hulu”. If there are any updates, they will show there on the screen. Just install them. For Smart TVs, there is no need for updating the app. These devices automatically update the app.

Clear Cache Files

If the above methods are not fixing the Hulu error 94 issues, then try clearing the cache files of the Hulu app on your device. If you are an Apple TV user, then just uninstall the app and install it again. This will clear the cache files of the app.

hulu error 94 ps4

  • For Android smartphones & TV: Go to Settings -> Apps -> Hulu -> Storage -> Clear Cache ->Clear Data.
  • For Fire TV & Firestick: Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Installed Applications -> Hulu -> Clear Cache -> Clear Data.
  • For Xbox One: Go to Menu -> My Games and Apps -> Apps. Go to Hulu and press “menu” on the controller. Then go to Manage Apps -> Clear saved data.
  • For Roku: On the home page, press the Home button 5 times -> press Up -> press Rewind 2 times -> press Fast Forward 2 times.
  • For iPhone, iPad & Apple TV: Uninstall the app and install it again.

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We hope you were able to fix the Hulu error 94 loading error on your respective devices. The methods that we have given here are effective and easy and are also proven to fix this error code on many devices. Make sure to tell us which method helped you to get rid of the Hulu error 94 code. Also, visit Kinetic HiFi for more useful and informative guides.

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