How To Make Paper In Minecraft On Any Console

Are you looking for a way to know how to make paper in Minecraft? You can make almost everything in Minecraft that resembles real-world objects. If you get any error you can fix Microsoft Minecraft Error. With the help of paper, you can create a book, make maps & banners, and even create your own Minecraft enchanting table.

Minecraft is a world-famous sandbox video game children are going crazy about. Players can explore, find survival necessities, build houses, fight for their lives, and combat with bad guys of the town. There are two modes in Minecraft, namely survival and creative mode.

how to make paper in minecraft

Minecraft uses a lego-like structure as the basic unit of building anything. You can build, prepare, make whatever you want in Minecraft. Paper is also a necessity when you are actually living in the world of Minecraft.  In this post, we will tell you how to make paper in Minecraft.

How To Make Paper In Minecraft

Making paper in Minecraft is very simple and easy. You will just need a thing or two and can start crafting paper without worries. You can use this paper to create a book, make maps, create banners, and much more. Also, you can exchange the papers for getting some emeralds in the game. Let’s start to know how to make a paper in Minecraft and what are things you will need.

Material Required To Make Minecraft Paper

how to make a paper in minecraft

Three Sugarcanes: This is the only thing you will need in your game in order to get a perfect “Paper Recipe Minecraft”. So, you have to collect a number of three sugarcanes from your surroundings. Just go to a sugarcane farm, break the sugarcane and pick up three pieces.

Procedure To Make Paper In Minecraft

Now that you have the ingredients or materials for making the paper, let’s move to our next step which is making the paper. Here is how to make paper in Minecraft explained in simple and easy steps. Follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, launch Minecraft and open your Crafting Table. It is a must to have a Crafting table to craft the paper, so make sure that you have it beforehand.
  • Now, stand in front of the Crafting table and right-click on the table to open the Crafting grid.

minecraft paper

  • The crafting grid will be in a 3X3 format box. You have to use the second row for making paper.
  • Next, place the three sugarcanes side by side in the crafting grid of 2X3 rows and columns.

paper recipe minecraft

  •  The paper will be created on the right side box. Click on the paper and drag it to the inventory.

how to make paper in minecraft ps4

  • That’s it. You have learned how to make paper in Minecraft successfully.
  • You can make as many papers as you want using the same method.

Command to make Minecraft Paper

You can directly use commands as well to create a paper in Minecraft. You don’t need to go pick up the sugarcanes and then craft it on a table. Only a command would be enough to make a paper.

For Minecraft Java Edition PC and Mac versions 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.16.4, and 1.17, the command for making paper is:  /give @p paper 1

For Minecraft Java Editon 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, and all other Xbox, PS, Nintendo, Windows 10, and Edu editions, the command for making paper is: /give @p paper 1 0

Uses Of Minecraft Paper

These are some of the uses of Minecraft Paper that you can benefit from in the game. Make as many papers as you want in the game to use.

  • The Minecraft paper can be used to make books, create maps, and banners.
  • Minecraft paper can also be used to make Firework Rockets and Cartography tables.
  • You can sell the paper to the village librarian in exchange for an emerald.
  • 24 papers will get you one piece of emerald in Minecraft.

How To Make Minecraft Book

Now that you know how to make paper in Minecraft, you can make a lot of things using this paper. With the help of papers, you can make a book in Minecraft that you can use in the game. Things needed for making a book in Minecraft are:

  • 3 Minecraft papers
  • 1 leather

For making a book, head to the crafting grid and place one paper in the bottom-left corner grid(3X1). Then, after this paper, place the leather which will be 3X2 location. Now, place the remaining two papers above them which will be 2X1 and 2X2. That’s it.

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Final Words

That was how to make paper in Minecraft. We also have explained how to make paper in Minecraft using simple commands and what is the use of Minecraft paper in this post. Easily craft paper for your game character and make use of it in the game. If you liked this information, please share it with your friends. For more such useful articles, visit the Kinetic HiFi website.

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