How To Grow Mushrooms In Minecraft

How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft? This guide will show you the complete procedure for growing mushrooms in Minecraft. You can build your own Minecraft mushroom farm within minutes by learning the method.

Minecraft is an amazing game with endless creativity. You can build or make almost everything in Minecraft that exists in the real world. From animals to monuments, machinery to plants, foods to clothes, Minecraft lets you create anything with its lego-like blocks.

how to grow mushrooms in minecraft

Since Minecraft has a survival instinct in its games, the players need to take care of their basic necessities like food, clothes, and roof. You must prepare your own food in Minecraft if you want to survive. In this post, we are going to show you how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft easily.

Why Should You Grow Minecraft PE Mushroom Farm

Minecraft needs you to survive in the game to move forward. In the survival mode, you will have to explore, build, create, carve, and also fight with the bad characters of the game to protect your life. One of the important factors of keeping your game avatar alive is feeding it.

If you grow a Minecraft plant mushroom, then it will be useful for you throughout the game. Mushrooms in the Minecraft PE game will come into use when you want to make any potion. For example, if you want to make a fermented spider eye potion, then you will need a brown mushroom. So, knowing how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft is very much important.

Things Needed To Grow Mushroom Farm In Minecraft

Mushrooms are originally present in the nature of Minecraft. You just have to pick them up and make a large farm from them. Here, you must note that mushrooms grow only in darker places. A location with bright and wide light can’t support mushroom farm growth.

Things needed to grow mushroom spread in Minecraft are:

  • A few mushrooms
  • A dark room or dungeon
  • The light intensity less than 12
  • Bone meal

If you don’t want to keep your mushrooms growing in a darker area, then you can choose an alternative. There are a few locations that aren’t dark and support the mushroom growth well.

  • Nylium: Nylium is generated in the Nether and can be found in warped forests and crimson forests. If you keep the mushroom on Nylium, then it will grow regardless of the light. 

minecraft mushroom farm

  • Mycelium: Just like Nylium, Mycelium blocks allow the mushrooms to grow in a bright and lit area. Mycelium can be found in mushroom field biomes. 
  • Podzol: Podzol is a dirt-type block that is good to grow mushrooms. You can find Podzol inside giant tree taiga and giant spruce taiga biomes.

How To Grow Mushrooms In Minecraft

Here is how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft easily. You just have to place a few mushrooms and the harvested ones will give you a wide mushroom farm.

  • Make sure you have lowered the light level to at least 12. Do not keep the light more than 12.
  • If you don’t want to worry about the light, then choose a place in Nylium, Mycelium, or Podzol.
  • Collect a few pieces of mushrooms from the Nether.
  • Now, start the procedure for growing a mushroom farm.

Minecraft Pe Mushroom Farm

  • Start with digging 7 blocks and make a staircase to go underground.
  • Next, go down the stairs and build a room underground with a 7 x 5 block size.

minecraft plant mushroom

  • Now, dig three blocks at the front, middle, and last of the room, and add three torch lights.
  • Start placing the mushrooms in the room by leaving some gap in between them.

 how to make a mushroom farm in minecraft java

  • Just wait for your mushrooms to grow into a big mushroom spread or mushroom farm.

This is how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft easily. Make sure you adjust the light levels to less than or equal to 12. Know how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft of giant size below.

How To Grow Giant Mushrooms In Minecraft

Besides growing regular size mushrooms, there is also an option to grow giant or large mushrooms too. One giant mushroom would be equal to 20 individual regular mushrooms but takes the same amount of work. Follow the steps given below to know how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft of giant size.

  • The same procedure should be followed for growing giant mushrooms.
  • Instead of a 7 x5 room, you have to create or build a 7 x 7 size room underground.
  • Now place the mushrooms by leaving large gaps in between.
  • Provide a bone meal to the mushroom and wait for it to grow.


  • Keep enough lighting and torches for the mushrooms to grow properly.
  • That’s it. This is how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft of giant size.

Make both large and regular-sized mushroom farms this way and enjoy farming in Minecraft.


In this post, we have shown how to grow mushrooms in Minecraft of both regular and giant sizes. Make as many mushrooms as you want easily and use them in the game to make potions and to stew soups to fulfill your hunger. We hope the method shown here to grow mushrooms was easier to understand. Keep visiting the Kinetic HiFi website for more related posts.

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