How Much Data Does Netflix Use & How To Limit It

Want to know about how much data does netflix use. Netflix is one of the most trending video streaming sites where one can watch various tv shows or movies respectively. But watching movies or any video consumes a certain amount of data. Netflix does the same. When every single user watches videos or movies or any through Netflix, data is used.

For suppose if the user goes with standard definition, consumes around 1GB of data per hour. If in case, the user chooses to watch videos on HD mode, up to 3GB is used respectively. Options like watching and downloading take the same amount of data without any fail.

How Much Data Does Netflix Use

So therefore at times, crosses the data limit and the penalty is charged accordingly. Whatever the device it is, takes the same amount of data. also, one can adjust the data usage limit by navigating to the settings very well. Therefore, let us look forward into a few more details provided in a clear and understandable format.

How Much Data Does Netflix Use

Netflix uses a certain amount of data depending upon the resolution picked by every single user. There are four categories involved to choose and consume the data based on the category you choose. Let us look forward into the details provided in the below bullet lists.

Resolution Data Usage Charged
Low 300MB per hour
Medium 700MB per hour
HD 3GB per hour
Ultra HD 7GB per hour
Auto Data usage is charged depending on the highest quality and depending on the bases of internet connection speed.

Well, keeping this aside, one can adjust even the data usage settings by simply navigating to it with no second thought. There are different stages involved for each and every profile respectively. Just simply follow the below steps to adjust all the data without any fail.

  • In the first step, sign in to the official site
  • Pick the profile you are looking for and change the data usage option accordingly. Remember one special point as this cannot be adjusted through kids profile.
  • Choose the options account-> My profile-> Playback settings where one can pick and set the desired option successfully.
  • Also, whenever the user tries to restrict data usage, it affects video quality with no doubt.
  • Finally, click on save. It takes a while for applying changes accordingly.
  • That’s all!!! As simple as that!!!

How Much Data Does Netflix Use on iPhone

Today, if you see tons of users using iPhone/ iPad very well. While coming to the point, there are millions of users watching videos using different applications on the iPhone with no doubt. Netflix is one among them. But how much data does netflix use? and how one can check the data usage charged? Is there any process? Well, now we are going to discuss here in detail.

How Much Data Does Netflix Take

As discussed!!! Based on the quality the user choose, data is charged. For standard definition, 1GB and for high, it is all about 3GB is consumed per hour respectively.

How to Verify Netflix Data Usage

Follow the below steps in order to check the data usage consumed after watching any number of videos through Netflix at iPhone respectively. So, therefore, here we go.

  • In the first step, open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Click on cellular available in the form of lists.
  • Scroll down and identify the option called Netflix.
  • Below the Netflix, one can see the number represents the amount of data used till date.
  • And also, if you don’t like to use cellular data for Netflix, has a chance to toggle off the option successfully.
  • That’s all!!! As simple as that!!!

How Much Data Does Netflix Use on phone

How to Use Netflix

Now here let us learn how to select and save the data at Netflix accordingly with this you will get a clear idea on how much data does netflix use on the browser and mobile. As discussed Netflix is greatly supported and used enough on television, mobile, and all at your web browser without facing any kind of trouble. So here we look forward into the details that help to set the options to use Netflix successfully.

On Television

Usually, the Roku, Fire tv and much other maintain a resolution about 1080p which results in charging data over 4k respectively. Nowadays, smart tv’s were coming up with these apps like Netflix by default.

On Web Browser

Follow the below steps to use Netflix on any of the respective browsers right away.

  • In the first step, navigate to the Netflix official site and provide the credentials for the successful login.
  • Go to the account profile-> playback settings respectively.
  • Now do select the option either low, medium, high, or auto without fail. Also, select the option of whether to play the videos one by one automatically. That’s all!!!

How Much Data Does Netflix Use on browser

On Mobile

Here we go with the steps involved to use the Netflix app on the smartphone very well. If you follow these steps you can know how much data does netflix use on mobile.

  • Firstly, open the app and navigate to the Settings-> playback settings respectively.
  • There the user has to select the type of the mode available in the form of four options like automatic, wifi only, save data and maximum data.
  • When you choose automatic, consumes the data depending on the usage of this particular app. Wifi greatly helps to watch more on Netflix consuming fewer data and save data is all about controlling the usage 1GB for 6 hours in a day respectively.
  • Maximum data consumes more with no second thought.

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Final Words

As per my views, the process involved in how much data does netflix use to check data usage on iPhone and other details provided here is very clear. For more details and any doubts mention in the followed comment box. So that we help and reach you in the short notice period. Like the article start sharing this useful information with all your friends right immediately. Thank you Keep connected with Kinetic Hifi for more interesting tutorials.

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