Best Hidden Camera Detector App For Android and iOS

Are you worried that someone is trying to invade your privacy through spy cameras? The Best hidden camera detector apps are an easy and reliable solution for you. These applications are the perfect fit in situations when you are not able to trust your surroundings completely.

Be it a Hotel’s room, a trial or changing room, or at any private places, it is always necessary to check your surroundings if it is safe or not. There have been a lot of cases when there were spy cameras or hidden cameras found in the changing rooms and private office cabins also.

hidden camera detector app

So, if you also want to be sure of your personal space safety, then the Best hidden camera detector apps are available on the internet. These software apps will help you detect the hidden cameras easily. In this post, we will tell you such hidden camera detector apps to download on your device.

10 Best Hidden Camera Detector App

Here we have given the “Best Hidden camera detector app for Android and iOS devices”. You can easily download and install these apps on your smartphone from Google Play Store or from Apple Store and keep yourself aware of all the hidden cameras around you.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector

hidden camera detector

Protect your privacy with the Best Hidden Camera detector app which is the Hidden Spy Camera Detector software. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Hidden Spy Camera Detector app uses two methods to find the hidden cameras. The first one is it scans the surroundings using a magnetic sensor that will detect the magnetic activity. The second one is the infrared detector that can scan and detect the cameras with infrared radiations.


best hidden camera detector

Radarbot is a powerful hidden camera detector app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. This app is actually a Speedcam detector app that is developed to detect the speed cameras around you. Apart from Speed cameras, it also finds mobile cameras, ANPR cameras, and other hidden cameras around you. This app uses your GPS location to do its operation. Radarbot has both free and paid versions of this app.


best hidden camera detector app

Detectify is an Android anti-spy and hidden camera detector app. This app is free to install and use from Google Play Store and also gives reliable and correct results. Detectify scans the room and finds all the nearby cameras with the help of infrared and magnetic sensor scans. You can use either of these two options to locate the hidden cameras.

Glint Finder

best hidden camera detector app for android

Glint Finder can be recognized as the best Hidden camera detector app and also the best stud finder app as well. This hidden camera detector software finds all the nearby hidden cameras and alerts you by sending warnings. This application is very easy to use and has a neat and friendly interface. Glint Finder is only available for Android devices and can be installed from the Google Play Store.

Hidden Device Detector

hidden camera detector apps

Hidden Device Detector app is a spy detector app for Android users. This hidden camera detector app is free to use and also has an easy and clean interface. It uses infrared sensors that will scan and detect the infrared radiations emitted by cameras. Also, this app can detect microphones or any other listening devices as well.

Spy Hidden Camera Detector

spy hidden camera detector app

This camera detector app is another amazing app for iOS users. It scans your surroundings with the help of your camera and flashlight and detects the hidden cameras near you or in your room. Spy Hidden Camera Detector app is definitely trustworthy and reliable. This app is only in a paid version so you must pay the amount to install it.


hidden camera detector app for ios

DontSpy is a spy detector application that is only available for iOS device users. It helps to detect nearby electronic devices, hidden cameras easily. You can find nearby smartphone cameras, microphones, recording cameras, and also other voice recording and video recording devices. DontSpy is not for free to install so you have to pay to install this app.

Hidden IR Camera Detector

top hidden camera detector app

Hidden IR Camera Detector app is an Android application for anti-spying purposes. It scans your surroundings using the magnetic sensor and also the compass to detect the magnetic activities around you and detects all the mobile cameras, and the hidden cameras in your room or office.  This app is free to install and use and you can easily find it on the Google Play Store.

Hidden Camera Detector (Android)

hidden camera detector app android

This is another amazing software to install on Android devices to detect the hidden cameras around you. Hidden Camera Detector app for Android is free to install and is also very easy to use. It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. You can scan your surroundings for detecting hidden cameras using this app. This app can also detect hidden microphones in your room easily.

Hidden Camera Detector (iOS)

hidden camera detector app ios

Hidden Camera Detector app for iOS is free to download and use. This anti-spy app helps you find all the hidden cameras in the room without any difficulty. You can perform a quick scan on any area that you have doubt that there any cameras hidden and easily detect them with this app. This app uses your device camera and flashlight to check and scan the surroundings. Install this app now from App Store.

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We have given the 10 best Hidden camera detector apps in this post. Android and iOS platforms have a  bunch of options available to install from their respective stores. Some of the apps on iOS are not for free so you have to pay for them if you want to install them. However, if you don’t want to buy, then you can also select the free apps as well. Hope you liked this information. For more related articles, visit the Kinetic HiFi website.

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