How to fix “Gboard keeps stopping” Issue on Android

Are you getting the “Gboard keeps stopping” error on your smartphone? You have come to the right place. Here we have given the 100% working solutions to fix the “Gboard keeps stopping” message on your phone.

Using Gboard is all fun and interesting until it stops working and annoys you a lot. Many Android and iOS users are loving this keyboard due to its different features and effortless typing mechanism that it provides. But, at the same time, some users are facing issues while using it as Gboard keeps stopping many times.

gboard keeps stopping

Gboard is the Google Keyboard specially designed for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets to give you a different texting experience. The Gboard offers Glide typing, Voice typing, handwriting, real-time Google translation, emoji search, and much more.

Many texts and chatting lovers use this Gboard to make their regular texts more interesting and fun. But, Gboard has been receiving a lot of complaints about its poor performance. If you are also facing the same issue, here are some of the fixes that can fix the Gboard keeps stopping.

What is Gboard Keeps Stopping Issue

Gboard is a keyboard software for iOS and Android devices that comes with a  lot of unique and funny features. Many smartphone users are attracted to this software because of the voice chatting feature, glide typing, and handwriting texts. The voice chatting feature allows you to tell the sentence that you want to type. Glide typing is where you can slide your fingers through the letters to type.

But, recently this app has not been working efficiently and leaves its users in a troubled state. This Gboard keeps stopping in the middle of your texting and doesn’t work for some time. After a restart or just by itself, it becomes normal again.

gboard keeps stopping android

Gboard users are very much frustrated because Gboard not working properly. Especially those who have kept their screen lock as a password are really to be pitied. They are not able to even enter their password because Gboard keeps stopping whenever it wants.

How To Fix Gboard Keeps Stopping Android

Most users who face this Gbaord problem on their smartphones are Android users. If you are also using this Gboard and your Gboard has stopped working, then here are some of the useful fixes to make your keyboard get back to its original state.

Restart Your Mobile Phone

The first and basic fix that you should perform whenever you have an issue accessing an app is this. A quick restart will reboot your device and can get rid of a lot of issues going on inside the device.

what is gboard keeps stopping

Simply press the power button of your device and select “Restart” or “Reboot”. Once your phone reboots, open Gboard and check if it is working or not.

Clear Gboard Cache

If your smartphone device has a lot of accumulated cache files on it, then this can lead to application errors and many programming issues. Hence, if you find that your Gbaord keeps stopping, then clear the cache on your mobile phone by following the steps given below.

  • Open “Settings” and select “Apps”.

gboard has stopped

  • Find “Gboard” from the given list of apps and open it.

gboard not working

  • Now, tap on “Storage” and select the “Clear Cache” button.

gboard keeps stopping 2021

  • That’s it.

Enable Keyboard In Settings

If restarting the device and clearing the cache didn’t fix the issue, then there can be a high chance of your keyboard settings are not supporting your Gboard. You have to enable the Gboard by navigating to the keyboard settings on your phone. Follow these simple steps to enable Gbaord as the default keyboard.

  • Firstly, go to the “Settings” and open the “Language & Input” option.

gboard keeps stopping iphone

  • Now, select the “Current Keyboard” option from the page.
  • You will receive a pop-up on the screen. Select “CHOOSE KEYBOARDS”.

gboard keeps stopping how to fix

  • Next, disable all the keyboard options that you have on your device.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and enable only “Gboard”.


how to fix gboard keeps stopping

  • The Gboard will now be set as the default keyboard of your phone.

Now try to text something on the Gboard and check if the “Gboard keeps stopping” error still shows up. If the error is still appearing, then you can try the next method that we have given below.

Force Stop Gboard

Force Stop your Gbaord app if you are still getting the “Gboard keeps stopping” error on your Android phone. Sometimes, you have to force stop the apps in order to fix them and resolve the internal issues with the app. To force stop Gbaord, follow these steps.

  • On your smartphone, go to “Settings” and open “Apps”.
  • Find “Gboard” from the apps and tap on it to open.
  • Now, select the “Force Stop” button and click on “OK”.

gboard has stopped working

  • Wait for 2 minutes and then open the “Gboard” app.
  • Check if Gboard is working or not.

Uninstall Updates

If you have installed any updates recently on your phone that is not compatible with the updated version, then this can cause compatibility errors and gives rise to errors such as Gbaord keeps stopping, Google Play has stopped working, etc. Therefore, just uninstall the updates that you have on your phone to fix this problem.

  • Go to “Settings” and open “Apps” on your smartphone.
  • Now, find “Gbaord” from the list and open it.

gboard has stopped android

  • Next, tap on the three vertical dots present on the top-right.
  • Select the “Uninstall updates” option from there.

Restart Phone In Safe Mode

Still Gboard not working? Then try this method. Restart your phone in a safe mode and then check if your Gboard application works or not. Rebooting in safe mode might not accomplish on a first try so do it patiently.

  • Press the power button and turn off your phone.
  • Now, long-press the power button to start your phone.
  • When your phone starts booting, press the volume buttons up and down simultaneously.
  • Keep them pressing until your phone completely boots.

gboard not working 2021

  • If your phone restarted in safe mode, then you can see “Safe Mode” at the corner of your screen.
  • If you are unable to see “Safe Mode”, then try the procedure again.
  • Once in safe mode, check if Gboard is working or not.

Reinstall Gboard

Gboard keeps stopping still?? Another effective solution is to uninstall the app and then get a fresh installation of it. If there are any bugs in the Gboard, then those will be terminated by uninstalling the app. To uninstall Gboard, follow these steps.

  • Go to Google Play Store and tap on the search bar.
  • Type “Gboard” and open the app.
  • Now, click on the “UNINSTALL” button beside “OPEN/UPDATE”.

gboard not working android

  • Wait for it to uninstall completely.
  • Now, go to the search bar, type “Gboard”, and open it.
  • Select the “INSTALL” button and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Open the app and check if the “Gboard keeps stopping” issue comes.

Factory Reset The Phone(Not Recommended)

If none of the methods are working, then just reset your phone and make everything as new as it was before. Factory Reset will erase all the applications and data from your phone and make it a new one. We recommend the least to use this method as your important data can also be deleted if not handled properly.

  • Go to the “Settings” and open “Backup & reset”.

gboard not working iphone

  • Enable the “automatic restore” option and go down.
  • Select the “Reset all data” option.

gboard is not working

  • Then, again select the “Reset Phone” option.

gboard keeps stopping on tablet

  • That’s it.

The reset will take some time to complete. So, wait for it to be completed. If there are any important files, make sure to save them on your Google drive so that you can back up them later. Reset is an ultimate option to fix the “Gboard keeps stopping” error. So, there is no need to worry about this error anymore.

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That was all about how to fix the Gboard keeps stopping issue on Android mobile phones. Here, we have given the 8 best methods to overcome this issue. Hope our methods fixed your problem. Also, remember to sync your data on Google Drive so that you can get it back if you reset the phone. For more related articles, visit the Kinetic HiFi website.

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