How To Fix No Sound On iPad Games {Updated}

How To Fix No Sound On iPad Games: Here and Now, if you see, various users were updated to the most advanced and latest version of iOS. iPad is far better than any other device in delivering its performance. All the users or kids love to play games on the iPad. But now if you see, users have come with the complaint related to the issue of no sound on iPad games when it has undergone the latest updates.

If you are the one among them, tension not. Simply try out the below-working methods and fix them right now. Let’s start implementing step by step and get rid of sound issues in very little time. Troubleshooting might be a bit difficult but doing so eliminates no sound on iPad games issue is possible.

How To Fix No Sound On IPad Games


How to overcome when the issue encounters and how to identify it? First, be sure that the system is not in mute. If so, turn the volume up. Now try to test by playing music in the respective game or any with the help of a sound panel. If that does not work well, implement the below simple methods successfully to get rid of it.

No Sound On iPad Games?? Fix it

Let us now examine each and every method step by step for eliminating issues in less time. Follow the steps accordingly to fix it. But do not rush for nearby apple support centers without performing any trials.

  • Crosscheck iPad’s mute switch
  • Turn off do not disturb mode
  • Reset Network settings
  • Try to turn the volume within the app
  • Clean the charging port and also the headphone jack

Crosscheck iPad’s Mute Switch

All the things the user has to verify the mute option before you performing all the methods. Well, not that difficult. Follow the below steps one by one to get a clear sound very well.

Crosscheck IPad’s Mute Switch


  • Open control center-> search for the mute button.
  • Click on it to unmute your iPad respectively.

As simple as that. If you fail to do so, try another method showcased below.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode

What exactly do not disturb mode do?? This option usually stops the alert options, notifications, and also calls from the vibration mode, noise, or lighting up the screen when it is in lock mode. So when you get no sound on iPad games troubleshooting issues, do not disturb mode might be the reason responsible for it.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode iPad


To clear out the issue, go to Settings-> click on do not disturb mode-> turn off the switch. That’s all!!!! If it does not work so, try applying the below methods.

Reset Network Settings

Facing the same no sound on iPad games or no sound in any app, reset the network settings respectively. All this help to solve such issue in very less time. Follow up the below steps to solve no sound on the iPad games issue successfully.

Reset Network settings

  • First and foremost, go to the Settings-> choose general and then click on reset option respectively.
  • Secondly, select reset network settings and reset both passwords and their respective network very well.
  • Performing these two steps will wash out the issue raised on your iPad well.

Try to Turn the Volume Within the App

This is only possible when the system volume is turned up and simultaneously iPad gets muted. But remember the app itself must and should deliver volume turning up. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Open the respective app which doesn’t sound ever.
  • There you have to use the volume up button available at the side of the iPad and turn it to up. It must be done only when you have opened that respective app.

Clean the Charging Port and Also the Headphone Jack

When you face the same no sound on the iPad at regular intervals, try to clean the charging port. Because sometimes, the issue raises due to the presence of fine particles stored in it. In turn, making it mute. So clean up the entire port and also the speakers well to make it unmute.

Clean The Charging Port And Also The Headphone Jack


Therefore, make various attempts of applying all the above solutions to fix. if you get fail to do so, contact us by explaining your problem faced at the time of fixing. Also, for other doubts you face, I can drop a comment in the below section. Stay connected with KineticHiFi for more interesting tutorials.

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