How to Fix Microsoft Excel Error “Too many different cell formats”

How to fix Microsoft Excel error: The error message ” Too many different cell formats ” may appear for some Microsoft Excel users when trying to add formatting to a spreadsheet cell (or range of cells). Or, the error message may appear when you try to copy cells and data from another file or spreadsheet source to a sheet. Consequently, Excel users cannot apply more formatting to the spreadsheet when that error message appears.

The » cell formats » error occurs when an Excel file reaches the maximum number of combinations of cell formats. Excel 2003 users can add a maximum of 4,000 unique cell format combinations to a worksheet.

fix Microsoft Excel error

You can apply 64,000 unique cell format combinations in later versions of Excel. These can be large shapes, but remember that the single format counts for any type of cell format for fonts, borders, alignment, numbers, fill colors, etc. Therefore, a large spreadsheet can reach the maximum amount of format.

How to Fix Microsoft Excel Error

Does the error message ” Too many different cell formats” appear for one or more of your Excel spreadsheets and if you want to fix Microsoft Excel error? If so, check the » cell formats » bugs fixed below.

1. Clear all cell format from a spreadsheet

  • The easiest way to correct the » Too many different cell formats » error is to delete the entire cell format from the spreadsheet. To do this, press Ctrl + A to select all the cells in the spreadsheet.
  • Select the Home tab shown directly below.
  • Press the Clear button to open the snapshot submenu directly below.
  • Then select the Delete Formats option. Then you can apply a new format to the spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel error

2. Add a Standard Font to all Cells and Remove Fill Colors

However, erasing the entire format from a sheet can be a slightly drastic solution and know how to fix Microsoft Excel error. If you prefer to keep part of the format in the spreadsheet, reducing the amount of single-cell format is a better solution. One of the best ways to do this is to add a standardized font to the spreadsheet so that all cells have the same font.

Also, removing all the separate fill colors in an Excel sheet could also reduce the amount of single-cell format. Follow the guidelines below to standardize a sheet’s font and fill color format.

  • First, press Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut to select all the cells in the spreadsheet.
  • Then click the font menu on the Home tab to select a new font for all cells.
  • Click the Fill Color button to open the palette as in the snapshot directly below.
  • Select the Unfilled option to remove all fill colors from the spreadsheet. Then all cells in the spreadsheet will have the same font and will not include any fill color format.

Fix Microsoft Excel Error

3. Select the Format Option for Cells in Excessive Cleaning

Remember that the blank cells in the Excel spreadsheet can also include the format. For example, a column will include the same font format in blank cells and cells that contain data if you apply the same font to the entire column. Therefore, blank cells that are not in use can also increase the number of single-format cells.

As such, removing excess formatting from a spreadsheet is another potential resolution for the » cell formats « error. You can do this quickly with the Inquire add-ons Excess Cell Formatting option. Inquire is an add-in that you can use in Excel 2013 and newer versions. This is how you can erase excess formatting in cells of blank spreadsheets with Inquire.

  • Click the File tab and select Options to open the Excel Options window.
  • Click Add-ins on the left of the Excel Options window.
  • Then click the Manage drop-down menu to select Com Add-ins.
  • Check the Ask box in the Com Add-ins window, then click the OK button.
  • Then you can select a Query tab in the Excel window.
  • Click the Clean Excess Cell Formatting button on the Inquire tab.
  • Select this option to clean up all worksheets in the spreadsheet. Then click Yes to save the changes to the spreadsheet.

Clean Excess Cell Formatting button

4. Take a look at the style reduction tool for Microsoft Excel

The error message ” Too many different cell formats ” may appear when some users try to open a spreadsheet file and it shows as to fix Microsoft Excel error. Consequently, the Excel spreadsheet file does not open; and users cannot get rid of the cell format as described above. In such circumstances, the style reduction tool for Excel might be worth noting. This is a utility that fixes the » cell formats » error by reducing duplicate format styles.

style reduction tool fix duplicate files

Click the Download button on this page to save the software in a folder. Then open the Style Reduction tool window shown directly below and click the File button to select the spreadsheet you want to correct. Press the Analyze button to search for duplicate styles and click Fix to remove the format.

5. Open the file in the alternative spreadsheet software

Alternatively, you can try opening the Excel file in alternative software. So you may be able to open and apply more formatting to the spreadsheet in the alternative app without any problem and if you follow this you can fix Microsoft Excel error. There are numerous spreadsheet programs that also support the Excel file format. LibreOffice Calc is an application where you can open Excel files, and you can download that Office suite from this web page.

Hope with this you have got an idea on how to fix Microsoft excel error without any issues. For information visit our Kinetic HiFi and know more.

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