Fences Alternatives And Similar Softwares For Windows

Want to know about the best fences alternatives for your windows. Fences is one of the best software for the windows to clutter the desktop screen, previously this fences free was available but now to arrange the desktop with files and folders this fences is expecting some pennies, so rather than going for this users are searching for alternatives to fences software which will work as this free software for your windows pc and laptop.

There are many other programs like fences that have the same features as this software. So you can use any one of these free versions. In order to declutter your desktop screen with all the files, folders and program shortcuts into boxes or shades you need to use some software that will arrange your desktop screen.

Fences Alternatives

Here is a windows fences alternative that has the same options as the fences software. For those who are searching for alternatives to fences, we are providing the list of software for your desktops.

Best Fences Alternatives

The below are the best free alternatives to Fences that can overcome fences and are having more options like you can arrange the files even without deleting them. You can use any one of these to organize your desktop and change the look of your desktop. Check the fences alternative for windows 10 from below.

Real Desktop

This software is the Stardock fences alternatives that is similar to fences and it has been focused on the style and delivers an exciting product to us. It makes your desktop stick with different icons that you use and adds a beautiful arrange in a 3D layout. You can check its control on your topics and it has the free trial that was available to make the user purchase the software. It’s a hefty value to experience with its wide range of features.

Best Fences Alternative

VeBest Icon Groups

This is one of the best alternatives to fences, it helps you to declutter your desktop by organizing the icons, files, and folders. In this you can add dock-like groups on the desktop. You can use Line Align, Circle Align, and Vertical Align to add the items by using drag and drop. You can insert an item even in between also. Vebest has the ability to add multiple groups on the desktop screen and then label them separately with different names.

Fences Alternatives


Toolbox is another simple fences alternatives that can be used to organize your desktop items. This software allows you to add boxes similar to the shaded areas and then insert all the desktop items in it. You can add as many boxes as you can on the desktop screen and then label them separately. It lets you to add any item that you want to the boxes like program shortcuts, EXE files, media files etc.

Fences Alternative Software

Nimi Places

This is a free fences alternatives to organize your desktop with the shaded areas, it makes you add as many as shaded areas as you want on the desktop and then add files, folders, and programs. Nimi places were designed with different templates like Casual Sides, Artistic, Tasklist (side), Organizer to arrange the shaded parts. This software has the ability to design its own templates and encourages users to create them manually as per their interests.

Free Fences Alternatives

TAGO Fences

Tago is free fences alternatives that will help you to organize the cluttered desktop screen. As soon as you install this software it will automatically arrange all the files and folders and icons on your desktop screen. You can add any item based on your interest, even you can create your own shaded area and add them. The main feature in it is whenever you add a new file or folder it automatically creates a shortcut and predefines it in the shaded areas.

Best Free Fences Alternative

Other Fences Alternatives

  • Circle dock
  • Desktop Shelves
  • Vipad
  • Desktop Groups
  • Diskspace
  • iCollections
  • Icon Configuration Utility
  • Drag Thing
  • Rocket Dock

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So hopefully you have got the best alternatives for fences, you can use this software to design your desktop with different shades and it will be user-friendly. As a result, the alternatives for fences that we have provided here are for free. You can have the trail versions of those if they were paid, the trial versions will also give the perfect results. You can visit Kinetic HiFi for more information.

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