How to Download Android Multi Tools Latest Version

Android multi tools: The android multi tool greatly helps in unlocking all the mobiles very fast. Either that might be the passcode/ password/ gesture or any, this particular tool held responsible to unlock. This supports all the windows versions too. Also, it performs multiple tasks in a single instance.

So people who frequently forget their password need not worried about it. Moreover, one can definitely create a strong password including special characters without having a fear of forgetting.

Download Android Multi Tools for Free

This is because the android multi tool is here to help. And has a scope of verifying both hardware and software information. And what not!!!! Performs rebooting very fast without facing any kind of troubleshooting issue. Let us look forward to the process involved to download and use accordingly.

What is an Android Multi tool?

As discussed!!!! Setting up the forgotten password/ passcode/ fingerprint/ facial or any through this tool is an ultimate goal. In simple, the tool helps you a lot without getting any kind of bugs when the whole process is carried out. Keeping this aside, as the name suggests, it greatly performs multiple activities and there are tons of uses if you prefer to use this wonderful tool. And now there are various features involved in it which we are going to study right below.

Features of Android Multi Tool Latest Version

Below we have come with various features involved in it for getting some idea about what exactly the tool is and how to use it accordingly. Let us go analyze all the points provided one by one in the form of bullet lists.

  • It totally wipes the data available in Android with no use of custom recovery.
  • It provides all the information related to the device like IMEI number, model number, and also the version you use accordingly.
  • Resets the mobile within a while.
  • The tool is available free of cost. No more charges applied either to get or use accordingly.
  • Do not forget to get each and every driver available in it.


  • Even if a person who has 0 knowledge also can use this amazing tool without any fail.
  • It stands out to check the status of the device for every regular interval.
  • Resets the complete face pattern lock if you like to or prefer to do so.
  • Resets the password/ passcode/ pin lock irrespective of time and place.
  • Also, resets the forgotten email id in a very short time.
  • Finally, reboots with a single tap.

These are the features involved in it. Before installing this particular software program, necessary to have a look at all these points respectively.

Well, now it is time to learn the whole installation process in a step by step format and implement accordingly. So that there might be no chance of facing trouble in the middle of the process.

Steps to Install Android Multi Tool

Download Android multi tools right away are considered the simplest process. Just simply follow the below instructions provided in a clear and understandable format. Here we go.

  • In the first step, the user has to download the file without making any kind of delay.
  • Now navigate to the destination folder, locate the Android multi tools download file, and extract right there.
  • After successful extraction, find out the .exe file and run with no other thought.

Install Android Multi Tool

  • So that the user can notice a prompt appearing on the screen. And then the user is requested to follow all the on-screen instructions to get this particular software program successfully.
  • When you press 1, it is to check the device status.
  • 2 is to reset the password. Follow all the instructions right away and change the password in a more successful way.
  • 3 to erase the whole data or making a gesture lock respectively.
  • 4 for resetting Google ID.
  • 5 to erase the whole data and use it with a new start.


  • 7 is for showing status available in fast mode respectively.
  • That’s all!!! As simple as that.

Things You Need to Get Android Multi Tools

In order to get an Android Multi tools, the following are the requirements to be taken into consideration. So let us look forward and get them right immediately for the successful installation. So here we are.

  • Use the original USB cable and it should be compatible with your device.
  • Supports Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 respectively.
  • Use the latest version 1.2 to avoid bugs if any.
  • The developer is unknown.
  • The category is considered as a software program/tool respectively.
  • It’s Zip size is lying about 0.35MB.
  • Available for free of cost.


I hope the above points are very clear about android multi tools. For more doubts or like to get more information about Android multi tools, mention in the followed dropbox to help you in short. If you like this article, has an option to share it with anybody. So that this might help them in knowing the usage of the Android multi-tool software program. Get connected with KineticHiFi for more interesting articles updated daily.

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