What Is Conhost.exe? Is It Safe in Running?

Did you find a suspicious executable file in your Task Manager that says “Conhost.exe”? Now, you are not sure whether this is a useful file or a virus hovering on your computer. Here is what you need to know about this conhost.exe Windows 10, 8, or 7 before you take any further steps.

Conhost.exe is a process found in Task Manager that is used by Command Prompt and CSRSS(Client Server Runtime System Services) on your computer. Most users who found this file on their computer report that this file is using a lot of CPU resources and memory of the device.


So, what is it actually? Should you keep it or get rid of it? Is it a virus or some kind of malware in disguise?  Without losing your patience, be with us and know in this post about Conhost.exe what is it, why is it used, and should you let it be on your computer or not.

What Is ConHost.Exe

Conhost.exe or Console Windows Host is actually a Microsoft Windows component. This is a legitimate program by Windows which is used for running Command Prompt with other elements of the Windows such as Windows Explorer. This Console Host process was introduced in Windows XP devices as a component of the CSRSS.

Apart from running errands for Command Prompt and CSRSS, there is another notable feature of this executable process. This Conhost.exe file allows the users to drag the directories into the command prompt straightly. If any third-party sources want to use Command Prompt, they can make use of Conhost.exe for that.

Why Are There So Many ConHost Processes

Whenever your computer opens the Command Prompt and runs any command on it, a conhost.exe executable file starts running in the background. Therefore, when opened Task Manager, you may find that there are a lot of files with Console Windows Host or conhost.exe name. No need to worry, they are useful files.

what is conhost.exe file

Is Conhost.exe Safe

Yes. Conhost is originated and introduced by Microsoft Windows and is a legit component of Windows. This is a helpful tool that is used on Windows 7 and XP devices to run Command Prompt without any interruptions. As long as you have the original file of the console host on your computer, there is no need to worry.

However, there are a few cases where some of the malware sources disguised the virus files named conhost and ruined computers. You must be careful about this issue. Also, make sure whether you have an original file or not.

Does Console Windows Host Use High CPU And Memory

Actually, it should not. The original process for Console Host doesn’t use much memory. Generally, the memory consumption would be less than 10 MB and the CPU usage should be zero if the process is not active.

However, if your file is infected or corrupted with malware, then it could be the reason why conhost.exe is eating up high CPU resources and memory of your device. To make sure whether the file is safe or not, you can check it by doing this:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open the Task Manager.
  • Now, scroll down and find the files with the name “conhost.exe”.

is conhost.exe safe

  • Check the CPU and memory usage for the files.

If you find that the resources used by these files are high, then this is most likely due to corrupted files. But, if everything seems normal, there is no need to worry.

How To Verify Conhost.exe Is Not A Virus

If you are unsure whether the conhost.exe file on your computer is a legit file or a virus, you can find it out easily by opening its file location. Any legit file installed in your computer should show its location as windows/system 32. Here is what you have to do to verify Console Host is a virus or not.

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open the Task Manager.
  • Now, make sure you are in the “Processes” tab.
  • Next, go to the “conhost.exe” or “Console Windows Host” file.

conhost.exe windows 10

  • Right-click on the file and select “Open file location”.
  • Any legit file location would be opened in windows/system 32.

what is conhost.exe

  • If your conhost.exe file is also opened in windows/system 32, this is a safe file.
  • If it took you to any other location on your device, this definitely is unsafe.

Should I Remove Conhost.Exe Process

Don’t unless it is compulsory. First of all, go through the points given above to make sure whether this Windows Console Host process is safe or not. Check the CPU and memory usage and also try to open the file location. If you are still unsure, you can run an antivirus scan on your device.

what is conhost.exe


If this process is a virus, then it will be definitely identified by the antivirus application. If you got to know that this is unsafe, do not hesitate to delete it from your device. However, if you find there is nothing wrong with this process, let it be on your computer, there is no need to remove it.

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Final Words

That was all about the Windows Conhost Exe process file. This Conhost file or Console Windows Host file is a Microsoft Windows component used for running command prompt with Windows Explorer. Not only that, but it also enables the feature to drag files or folders in the command prompt directly. Unless you find suspicious activity in it, there is no need to delete this file you can find more on Kinetic HiFi and we hope you found this information helpful. For more related posts, visit us.

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