How To Find Best MTU For PS4 in 2021

Is your PS4 having low internet transmission speed issues? Selecting the best MTU for PS4 can help you improve the internet speed and reduce latency. A lot of users have been trying the best MTU settings for PS4 gaming so that their gaming doesn’t experience any lag or reduction of speed while playing.

MTU(Maximum Transfer Unit) is basically the largest data packet that can be transmitted per network layer. A larger MTU means sending more data packets at one time. But, if the MTU is too high, then this causes an overload on your network signal and the efficiency of the speed reduces.

best mtu for ps4

Therefore, we will try to decrease or reduce the MTU value up to a level where it is experiencing high transmitting speed and less delay. It is not 100% sure that changing the MTU value will give a high gaming speed, however, there is no loss in trying.

How To Find The Best MTU For PS4

As we all know that PS4 games require a high internet speed and there is no place for lagging of signals. But, a lot of PS4 gamers have been complaining about the slow gaming of PS4 due to the MTU issues. PS4 MTU is set to 1500 by default, which is also its maximum, which means a packet of 1500 bytes is transmitted at one time.

There are claims that reducing the MTU to an optimum level can decrease lagging and is also said to improve the internet speed. The concept behind it is if you reduce the number of packets that are getting transmitted for once, then this will make the transmission easier thus preventing the delay.

However, there is no automatic way to find the best MTU setting for PS4, we have to do it manually. The procedure is quite a time consuming and boring as well. But, if you want to increase your PS4 gaming speed, then it is a must-try.

Change MTU PS4 Settings

In order to select an optimum MTU value, you need to know the procedure for changing the MTU value on PS4. As described on the internet, 1473 is not always the optimum MTU value for all devices. You have to keep changing the MTU value and check your internet speed to know which one is the perfect value.

To change MTU on PS4, follow the steps given below.

  • Launch your PS4, and go to “Settings”. Under Settings, select the “Network” option.

change mtu ps4 settings

  • On the Network page, you have to choose the “Set Up Internet Connection” option.

how to change mtu settings on ps4

  • Now, you have to select the network that you are using. It is recommended to use an ethernet cable to get good results.

mtu settings ps4

  • Next, select the “Custom” option from the setup screen.

how to find the best mtu for ps4

  • You have to select the IP Address Settings now. Choose “Automatic” as the IP address.

mtu settings on ps4

  • Click on “Do not specify” for DHCP Host Name and then select “Automatic” for DNS.

mtu settings ps4

  • Then, on the MTU Setting page, select the “Manual” option.

optimum mtu for ps4

  • Finally, enter an MTU value that looks like the Best MTU for PS4.

best mtu for ps4

  • Finish the setup and exit the window.

You have to do this set up numerous times in order to find the best MTU for PS4. The Best MTU for PS4 value depends on the device, location, and other factors. So, it will take some time to find out the exact one. The process is very lengthy but it is worth it if you want to get rid of network lagging on PS4 games.

Find Optimum/Best MTU For PS4

Now, that you know how to change the MTU value on PS4, now you have to find the optimum or best MTU for PS4. Do the above procedure and come back to the main “Settings” and select “Test Internet Connection”. You can see the internet speed on your device.

Keep repeating this again and again. Go to the “Set Up Internet Connection”, change the MTU Settings value by decreasing it every time, and then perform the internet connection test. Keep reducing the MTU value until you see “Packets are no longer able to be fragmented” on the speed testing screen.

best mtu settings for ps4

Once you see this message, stop changing the MTU values. The value that you used preceding to getting this message will give you the optimum or best MTU for PS4. You have to add 28 to this MTU value to get the Optimum or best MTU for PS4.

For example, you got the “Packets are no longer able to be fragmented” message when you used the MTU “1420”, then recall what was its preceding MTU you used. If it was “1430”, then you have to add 28 to it. Your answer will be “1458” and this is the optimum or best MTU for PS4 to get improved network speed.

Change MTU Value On Router

Now, in order to use the best MTU for PS4, you also have to change the MTU value of your router. You need to use the browser and log in to your router with your username and password. Here is the most general procedure that should be used to change the MTU value on the router.

  • Open your computer browser and enter your router’s IP address.
  • Enter your username and password and click “OK” to log in to your router.
  • Now, go to Settings -> Network -> WAN -> MTU Size.

change mtu value on router

  • In MTU Size ( in bytes) row, make it to “Manual”.
  • Next, enter the optimum or best MTU for PS4 that you got earlier.
  • Complete the setup and save your changes.
  • Finally, restart your router to let changes be effective.
  • That’s it.

Now, play your games on PS4 and check your network speed. In most cases, there are some slight changes noticed of increased network speed.  But, in some cases, there are no changes at all in reducing the lagging. So, it is not a thing to assure about. Just hope for the best and follow the procedure.

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We hope the procedure of finding and setting the best MTU for PS4 is clear to you. It is a lengthy and tricky procedure that must be followed accordingly to get an optimum or best MTU for PS4 so that you can increase its network speed and also lower the issue of network lagging. If you liked this information, please share it with your friends. For more related articles, visit the Kinetic HiFi website.

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