Best MineCraft Mods Ever Made For 2021

Applying the best MineCraft mods(modifications) to the game can make your game visuals and theme look more fun and interesting.

MineCraft mods are basically user-made modification options that you can use to make your game more interesting and fun. You can buy various themes and apply them to the game. The whole vanilla look of MineCraft can be changed with the help of these mods.

best minecraft mods

It becomes hard to choose when you have a large number of options. Here we will tell you several best MineCraft mods that will enhance your game to its best.

Best MineCraft Mods

MineCraft is a worldwide popular sandbox video game released in the year 2011. The game received a huge positive response from the users due to its amazing gameplay and creative content. It received the title of the best-selling game of all time with 200 million sold copies and 126 million active monthly users.

It uses 3D virtual blocks as the basic building object of the game. You can create almost everything by joining these blocks. In survival mode, you have to build your shelter, search for food, explore the world, and fight with the creepers. All this stuff gives you an overwhelming experience when you play.

Though this game is incredibly amazing and loved so much by the players. There is one thing that doesn’t satisfy the players to the fullest. It’s the visuals of the game.

MineCraft Best Mods

The main look of MineCraft is a little shady and gloomy. To solve this problem best MineCraft mods, mods were introduced by some programmer users. Most of the mods are user made and are easily available. You can install them and then add them to your game. Your game will look like a whole new game with a lot more features added.

Here are some best MineCraft mods with a brief description of their features and functionalities. You can choose any of them for your gaming.


minecraft best mods

This is an amazing MineCraft optimization mod that transforms your game visuals into a high-quality one. Optifine is a must-have on every MineCraft lover’s device. You can customize the animations, lights, and every single detail of the game. It also supports a wide variety of features and tools which include Shaders support, better grass & snow, and also connected textures which gives the game a more realistic look.


FastCraft is a sophisticated mod that improves the server and client configuration. You can make your low-end computer run like a new one with this mod. FastCraft mod can be installed for either server or client, or both server and client.

best mods for minecraft

It provides various features such as FPS benefits, faster and simpler codes, faster game loading, lag spikes removal, and much more. This mod can also save your RAM usage and speeds up the game.

Journey Map

JourneyMap Mod is another amazing mod that is accessed by client+server for Forge. If you are curious to know if someone is following you or you just want to know where you are heading in your exploring world, this mod is for you. You can see the real-time map of your journey as a minimap or a fullscreen map or you can use an external browser for it.

must have minecraft mods

This mod has an excellent user interface with a neat GUI and easy to use instructions. You can just press the J key to open the map and menu options.

Not Enough Items

You can check which MineCraft recipes are good and what are their features with the help of this mod. NEI or Not Enough Items mod allows the players to see crafting recipes and usage details of many items in the FTB Modpacks.

essential minecraft mods

It allows a neat and easy user interface. You can press the O key to enable and disable the mod.

Here’s What You Are Looking At

The HWAYLA mod lets you know the identity of the object or block you are dealing with. It becomes hard to remember the names and features of every single block when you are playing with a large number of blocks.

fun minecraft mods

This mod makes it easy to know the details of the blocks which appear in your game.


best minecraft mods 2021

The JurassiCraft mod is inspired by the famous movie Jurassic Park. When you apply this mod, you have to live in a world where dinosaurs are present. You can explore the cages and labs of the dinosaurs park. You are also allowed to breed the creatures to increase their population.

Carpenter’s Blocks

Using this mod, you can come out of the regular block structure and experience something of different precision. The Carpenter’s Blocks mod is a customizable Mod that allows you to break free from the blocks with the regular static shapes and create objects with new shapes and styles.

best minecraft mods 1.16

This mod is inspired by the SuperSlopes and Dawn of the Modern World. It adds unique features to the vanilla MineCraft.

Macaw’s Bridges

best minecraft mods to use

Building bridges is quite common in MineCraft. But, this mod can make your bridge look more amazing. Laying a bridge on the riverside or along the hills becomes easy and also more appealing to look at with this mod. It has 24 different kinds of bridge designs provided.

Traveler’s Backpack

best minecraft mods for survival

This mod adds backpacks filled with fluids or potions to your game. It is a handy tool with 45 inventory items provided. You can wear it on your back and set for exploring.


best mods for minecraft

The Camping mod is essential when you are in survival mode. You’ll get tents and mini tools that can be used to survive in a forest like a true camper. This mod is really fun to have.

How To Install MineCraft Mods

The regular MineCraft game doesn’t support the mods feature. You’ll need the MineCraft Forge version to have mods.

However, installing mods is totally free and is available on various devices. You can easily install a MineCraft mod with the steps given below.

  • If you don’t have MineCraft Forge installed on your device, first install it.
  • From the MineCraft page, install a mod of your choice.
  • Now, go to MineCraft, open the main menu, and click on Mods.
  • Next, select the Open Mods Folder button and save your mod here.
  • Exit the game and launch again. You’ll get the mod in your mods list.

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