Aka.ms/xboxsetup {Set Up Xbox One Digitally}

Now you can set your Xbox One console with your smartphone digitally using the aka.ms/xboxsetup website. All you need to do is to enter the code you get when you install the app. But, what if you didn’t note it down or lost it? Like many of us have done the same for aka.ms/remoteconnect. But here is the complete guide to look.

The Xbox app is wonderful Microsoft software that allows cloud-based and remote play features. The remote play is applicable for Android as well as iOS devices whereas the cloud setup is only for Android smartphones. You need to set up your app with the Xbox console and you can easily start playing games from a mobile phone.


Besides playing, there are also many features such as buying games, tracking your games, connecting with friends, and much more. To set Xbox One with your app on aka.ms/xboxsetup, learn the exact and correct procedure from here.


Here, we will give you the complete information regarding aka.ms/xboxsetup and how to set up your Xbox console on your smartphone. You can use your smartphone as a display to your Xbox One device with this complete setup process.

What Is Aka.ms/xboxsetup

The “http://aka.ms/xboxsetup” is a mobile website that allows you to set your Xbox One console on your smartphone. Xbox app is the mobile application for iOS and Android devices that lets you connect your Xbox gaming console with the mobile phone.


The special feature that this website allows is the manual update option. You don’t need to wait for the system to update the Xbox One automatically. With some easy steps, you can also do the Xbox setup using the website http //aka.ms/xboxsetup.

You get an activation code on a successful download and have to use the code to set the devices. Some users just scan the QR code and think that the process is done. But, that’s not it. You have to enter the code to set up your phone to the device.

http //aka.ms/xboxsetup

Therefore, make sure to note down the code that you get on the screen. In worst cases, if you forgot to note down, or lost the code, then there are also some alternatives to retrieve the code.

Why Use Xbox App

Xbox application comes with a lot of features. The main thing that you can do on this app is to connect your Xbox gaming device with the mobile phone. Apart from that, there are also some other features that every gamer will do.

http //aka.ms/xboxsetup code

  1. Media Control: You can take screenshots, screen recordings, and can also save the clips. There is no need to even access your console. You can directly use your mobile app for media savings.
  2. Cloud Platform: You can get track of your gaming details, buy games, and do many other things from your phone. There is no need to be on your Xbox device all the time for buying games and all. You can use your Xbox account from anywhere, anytime.
  3. Xbox LFG And Live Club: With the Xbox app, you can join the Xbox “Looking For Group” and Live clubs on Xbox and can interact with other Xbox players.

How To Setup Xbox Console With App

The process is quite simple and easy. But, many times users get confused and do perform some incorrect steps or make some mistakes that lead to a blank screen or “Xbox is not responding” message. So, perform the steps correctly and set your devices.

  • Firstly, go to this website aka.ms/xboxsetup on your browser.
  • You will get an activation code. Make sure to note it down or you will regret it later.

how to set aka.ms/xboxsetup

  • You can also use the QR code scanner to keep the code but writing it down is better.
  • Now, from the official Xbox website, install the Xbox app.
  • Or go to Play Store or App Store and install or download the Xbox app.
  • Once the installation is completed, open the app.

how to connect aka.ms/xboxsetup

  • Sign in with your Xbox id and enter the code that you got earlier.
  • Follow the on-page instructions and answer the questions that are asked.
  • Once done on your phone, go to your Xbox console.
  • Apply the update settings and confirm on your console.

And that’s it. Your app will be synced with your Xbox device now. You can use your mobile phone in place of bigger screens.

How To Retrieve The Xbox Set-Up Code

Here is how you can retrieve the http //aka.ms/xboxsetup code. Just un-install the Xbox application and install it again. On successful installation, you will get the code. Make sure to note it down this time. This method will most probably resolve your issue.

Don’t clear your Xbox settings by doing “Factory Reset”. This step can help you but will erase all your data. So, be careful with it.

What If Re-Installing Doesn’t Help

Most of the time, the re-installing method works. Many Xbox users have also used this method and says that it is useful. But, if the uninstalling and again installing doesn’t get you a code, then the last option you are left with is to contact the customer helpline. You can request them to give you a code to set up the Xbox console.

Contact this number: 1-800-469-9269


We hope you found the useful information and correct procedure for aka.ms/xboxsetup. Connect the Xbox app on your smartphone with the Xbox One and stream anywhere. Make sure to use the correct code to set up successfully. If lost the code, contact the customer care of Xbox. For more related articles, visit our website Kinetic HiFi.

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